Priority 2.3

Prepare students to live in an increasingly diverse world and global community.

ELS Language Centers Brought to PSU

ELS Language Centers is a highly regarded organization that provides formal teaching of multiple levels of English as a Second Language (ESL) to international students from around the world and opened at Plymouth State this fall. The newly renovated Mary Lyon Hall is home to ELS with offices, classrooms, and a Language Technology Center. ELS international students will have the opportunity to reside in Mary Lyon or participate in a home stay program in Plymouth while taking ESL courses. As an ELS affiliate partner school, PSU already recognizes the completion of ELS Intensive Level course work as meeting its English language proficiency requirement, and will issue a letter of conditional admission to students who meet all other PSU admission requirements and plan to fulfill the language proficiency requirement through ELS study.

International Student Services

PSU’s Internationalization Task Force was created to help enrich the academic and social experience of PSU students in the area of global learning. One of the task force’s first decisions was to form the Global Education Office (GEO) at Bagley House to support the growing number of students pursuing their studies abroad and PSU faculty who are teaching abroad. Short-term faculty-led trips are organized and overseen by the GEO.

International Student Services (ISS) provides support for undergraduate international students at Plymouth State. The ISS office coordinates F1 visa issuance, provides leadership for PSU ’s International Week, and collaborates closely with our new ELS Language Center, the Global Education Office, and the Internationalization Steering Committee. A new innovation this year is a special section of the course “Introduction to the Academic Community” designed especially for new international students, helping to ensure a smooth transition to Plymouth and the American culture. The capstone project for the course is a multimedia presentation that the students then bring to the entire campus as part of the International Brown Bag Lunch series.

International Partnerships

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PSU’s College of Business Administration and College of Graduate Studies signed a partnership agreement to deliver the PSU MBA with a focus in Healthcare Administration to medical students studying at the American University of Antigua.

The College of Business Administration is partnering with The Babeş-Bolyai University—Universitatea Babeş-Bolyai (UBB)—in Cluj-Napoca, Romania to offer an International Business Certificate as part of its MBA. The program is taught by U.S. and Romanian faculty. PSU signed a partnership agreement to facilitate student exchange, faculty exchange, and collaborative research projects with St. John International University. SJIU, the first environmental American University in Italy, is a private university located in Vinovo, which is just outside Torino.

General Education Program Includes Diversity and Global Requirements

Over the last few years, new Diversity (DICO) and Global (GACO) general education courses have been created and offered.

Mandarin and Arabic Offered

The department of Language and Linguistics began offering introductory courses in Mandarin, Arabic, Japanese, Italian, American Sign Language, and more.

Short-Term Faculty-Led Trips

PSU students traveled to India to learn about sustainability

PSU students traveled to India to learn about sustainability

The Global Education Office assists faculty members from departments across campus in creating international travel opportunities for students. Short-term faculty-led trips allow students to spend one to three weeks in another country experiencing languages and cultures that expand their world views. Recently, a group of 32 students studied Italian on campus with a visiting faculty member and then travelled for a three-week tour in Italy. There, students continued their language studies and visited cultural and historic sites, and the chamber singers performed across the countryside.

In another example, nine Plymouth State University students said goodbye to their friends, families, and the comforts of life as they knew it to learn how to live simply and reduce their impact on the earth and the environment. Their destination was Sadhana Forest in Auroville, India, the field study location for Sustainability in India, an advanced sustainability course taught by PSU geography instructor Steve Whitman.

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