Priority 2.4

Improve retention and time to degree.

Curricular Revision Undertaken

Curriculum revisions help students graduate within four years.

Curriculum revisions help students graduate within four years.

Many departments are in the process of curricular revisions that decrease their undergraduate degree requirements to 120 credits, reduce the size of their major, remove unnecessary barriers (prerequisites), and provide additional electives for programs that need enhancing. Additionally, some departments have made decisions to remove highly specialized but low enrollment courses or have made plans to offer such courses on a rotating basis.

Transferability Improved

PSU is actively working with the Community College System of New Hampshire (CCSNH) to develop 2+2 programs and other articulation agreements. These agreements allow students to begin their studies at one of the CCSNH institutions and complete transfer seamlessly to complete their third and fourth years at PSU earning a bachelor’s degree.

PSU has worked with to upload all PSU courses with information regarding transferability to assist potential transfer students in making appropriate decisions.

Frost School Meets Needs of Working Students

Frost School offers online and low-residency programs ideal for non-traditional students and adult learners.

Frost School offers online and low-residency programs ideal for non-traditional students and adult learners.

Many students are working and have family responsibilities that make taking classes during the day impossible. The Frost School of Continuing and Professional Studies was created to meet the needs of working students by offering classes in the evening, online, and on weekends.

The Frost School has begun offering courses during the last eight weeks of each semester. These courses allow students who have fallen behind or withdrew from a course to stay on track.

The Frost School offers Continuing Education classes during Winterim and summer for students to catch up or get ahead. Most courses are offered online allowing students to study from home and to complete coursework at a time that works with their work schedules. The Continuing Education programs and the online classes, in particular, help students stay on track for a timely graduation.

Office of Online Education Created

The Office of Online Education was created to support faculty and students in the creative and effective integration of technology into the learning environment—both in the classroom and online. Throughout the year, the Office of Online Education offers programming to improve instructional technologies and their application within the classroom.

Leave of Absence Policy Adopted

PSU students may request a leave of absence from studies for one or two consecutive semesters. A Leave of Absence is appropriate if the student intends to return to PSU following a temporary absence for compelling reasons, which may include but are not limited to: military service, family emergencies, or medical reasons. This policy allows students to retain their status as an active student and their PSU e-mail account, access to myPlymouth, and the ability to register online. No readmission application or fees are required if the student re-enrolls for a fall or spring semester immediately following the leave.

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