Residential Education

Residential Life & Dining Services takes a comprehensive Community Development approach. We connect with students to provide distinctive residential experiences.

First-Year Residential Experience

At PSU, we recognize that classroom learning is just part of the picture, along with extracurricular and co-curricular activities, internships, and community involvement. We’ve re-imagined our Residential Life Program to create a First-Year Residential Experience (FYRE) that enriches student engagement and the transition to PSU.

Classes typically represent only one-third of a student’s time on campus; FYRE adds important value to the other two-thirds with special programs, increased access to faculty and University services, and experiences that help students find their personal path at PSU.

FYRE benefits first-year students by:
  • Having students live together in traditional-style halls to support social and community development
  • Introducing campus resources and instilling Habits of Mind that help students achieve academically
  • Fostering new and different perspectives that support skill development required for future success
  • Fostering connections with alumni and community members, who share career advice and wisdom
  • Providing a great start to college for all students, including transfer and commuting students, who are invited to group activities.

Defined Communities

These communities provide students with opportunities to live with other students who have a common focus or interest. Some are connected directly back to a Plymouth State educational component and all are connected to the University’s focus on the Habits of Mind.

Affinity Housing

Affinity Housing enables members of recognized student organizations to live together in campus housing. These groups are formed around a shared interest or common goal to elevate the residential experience and further promote a sense of belonging. Members of affinity communities live the campus mission of Ut Prosim by giving back to the area where they live though service and educational and social events. A separate application process occurs in February for this special housing option.

Nursing-Specific Housing

Understanding the unique needs of our nursing students, Residential Life has partnered with the Nursing Program to offer Nursing-Specific Housing. This community provides a space for like-minded students to work together toward their common goal. Nursing Housing is offered for both new and returning students.

The Q Residential Space

Since 2011, The Q has been a residential space for members and allies of the LGBTQIA+ community at PSU. Students of all gender(s)/identity(ies), sexes, romantic, and sexual orientations are invited to apply to live in the community. The goal is to foster an active, inclusive, and accepting community for all residents. Many social and diversity focused programs are offered. The Q is currently located on the first floor of Mary Lyon Hall with gender neutral single user and communal restrooms, and is available for both new and returning students.

Study Intensive/Extended Quiet housing

The Study Intensive/Extended Quiet housing option was developed to establish a quiet, more academically focused living environment. A strong emphasis is placed on the right to sleep, study, and pursue normal daily activities free from the noise interference of residents or guests. Respect for neighbors’ rights is a key aspect of living on this floor, and students must agree to abide by these community standards. Study Intensive/Extended Quiet Housing is offered for both new and returning students.

Scholars Community

The Scholars Community is for University Honors Program participants. This community provides our high-achieving students with intellectually engaged and academically focused spaces in some of our most sought after residential locations. The Scholars Community is offered for both new and returning students.

Substance-Free Community

The Substance-Free Community is shared by residential students who are committed to healthy habits and abstaining from substances such as alcohol, marijuana, nicotine/tobacco products, illicit drugs, and misuse of prescription drugs. The community is one that provides respect, appreciation, and support for students who choose this lifestyle, and connects like-minded individuals for continued support. All guests and visitors are required to abide by the substance-free lifestyle while visiting. Each student signs a contract pledging to remain substance free while living in this area. If you are not committed to the restrictions, this lifestyle is not for you.  The Substance-Free community is offered for both new and returning students.

Comprehensive Community Development Model

Residential Life believes the most effective way for the University to accomplish its student success goals is by helping residents become actively engaged with the residential, campus, and local communities. Implementation of the Community Development Model provides the framework for that engagement.

Educational Strategies

  • Community Experiences
  • Roommate Agreements
  • Floor/Community Agreements
  • Floor/Community Meetings
  • Intentional Conversations
  • Door Tags
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Room Condition Forms
  • Community Accountability
  • Health & Safety Inspections
  • Assessment/Quality of Life
  • Community Advisor Office Hours