Co-Generation Plant Langdon Woods/ Langdon Woods parking lot Co-Generation Plant
The campus co-generation facility produces electricity and heat for the campus. The facility is called "co-generation" because the excess heat produced by the production of electricity is captured to supply hot water and steam heat to campus. This system capturing "waste" heat results in both lower environmental impacts and lower operational costs. The university provides the remainder of our steam for heat and hot water from a steam plant located in the same facility.
Langdon Woods
Langdon Woods, PSU's newest residence hall, was completed in September 2006. The building received Gold Certification rating from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating system®, a voluntary national standard for developing high performance, sustainable, and energy-efficient buildings. Langdon Woods was the first college or university building in New Hampshire to receive a LEED certification, and has many sustainability features in its design. For example, to reduce energy use and heating costs, a water jacket heat-recovery system was installed to capture excess heat from the nearby co-generation plant that produces electricity and heat for campus. The captured steam supplies the hall with all the heat necessary for hot water and heating, eliminating the need for a main boiler system.
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