Hanaway Ice Arena Physical Plant PSU Welcome Center and Ice Arena
PSU's Welcome Center and Ice Arena serves as a gateway to the campus and community, and as a showcase for energy efficiency and green-building technology. The facility uses a sophisticated geothermal heating and cooling system to pre-heat or pre-cool water using the temperature of the earth. The geothermal system, combined with the capture of waste heat generated by ice-making equipment, provides heat for the facility, removing reliance on a traditional fuel-based heating system. The ice refrigeration system is also integrated with the geothermal system and uses non-toxic glycol instead of toxic ammonia.
Physical Plant
The mission of the Physical Plant division is to assist in creating and maintaining a safe, attractive physical environment that enhances and promotes the vital process of higher education and research. This goal is not static, but is ever-changing and evolving. Physical Plant staff have made many contributions to PSU's sustainability efforts, and often lead the way in innovation while maintaining essential campus operations. Many of the sustainability features identified are a direct result of Physical Plant staff efforts, as they play essential roles in managing energy consumption, in recycling efforts, and in the countless "behind the scenes" efforts that make campus life possible for the PSU community.
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