Finance Team

The Finance committee is working with each of the 12 Task Force committees to examine costs and expenses for each recommendation considered. The committee is focusing on financial modeling, grant opportunities, System (USNH) items and welcome back purchases such as masks, hand sanitizer and supplemental deep cleaning service options.

Integration with PSU’s Fall 2020 Opening Plan

On July 10, 2020, PSU released its Fall 2020 Opening Plan. The plan runs close to 100 pages, beginning with Page One, which reads, “The health and safety of our community is our primary concern and what motivates all of the work that we are doing.” It covers all aspects of our operations and will continue to be updated throughout the summer.

Task Force Members

Tracy Claybaugh, Vice President for Finance and Administration (Chair)

Laurie Wilcox, Associate Vice President, Finance and Administration

Thomas Weeks, Director of Financial Operations, Financial Services Office

Pat Bahr, Executive Associate to the President, President’s Office

Brad Allen, Professor of Marketing, School of Business (Faculty)

Angela Boynton, Academic Operations Manager, Health & Human Performance (OS)

Tamara Hebert, Director, Events & Conferences Planning (PAT)