Greater Plymouth Community/Alumni Team

The Greater Plymouth Community committee works in close partnership with Plymouth Town leaders to identify campus community partners and address questions and concerns from members of the surrounding local community regarding PSU opening in the fall.

Community of Caring Flags Project

The Greater Plymouth Community & Alumni Subcommittee is working with the town of Plymouth, the Museum of the White Mountains, and local businesses and organizations to launch the Community of Caring Flags project at the end of this week. This project will create a visual representation of our interconnection and commitment to caring for and protecting our community. Community members are invited to create their own flag relative to their feelings about the COVID-19 pandemic and the importance of protecting one another. Materials can be picked up and dropped off at Artistic Roots, Chase Street Market, Rand’s Hardware, and The Common Man Plymouth. Flags will be stitched together and hung throughout our community. Please view this PowerPoint presentation for more information.

Integration with PSU’s Fall 2020 Opening Plan

On July 10, 2020, PSU released its Fall 2020 Opening Plan. The plan runs close to 100 pages, beginning with Page One, which reads, “The health and safety of our community is our primary concern and what motivates all of the work that we are doing.” It covers all aspects of our operations and will continue to be updated throughout the summer.

Greater Plymouth Community/Alumni Team Opening Plan Highlights

The five major priority areas of stakeholder communication outlined by this task force include:

  • Expectations and enforcement regarding social distancing relative to students off campus.
  • Medical clearance and testing requirements.
  • Treatment of sick students/quarantine procedures.
  • Effectively and proactively disseminating information relative to procedures and policies throughout the broader community.
  • Collaboration with community partners to ensure necessary resources for all students relative to basic needs (on- and off-campus).

Read this team’s full opening plan.

Task Force Members

John Scheinman, Director of Development and Major Gifts, University Advancement (Co-Chair)

Jessica Dutille, Director, Office of Community Impact (Co-Chair)

Rodney Ekstrom, Director of Alumni Relations, University Advancement (PAT)

Sara Donahue, Grant Support Specialist, Department of Counselor Education and School Psychology (OS)

Suzanne Gaulocher, Assistant Professor, Public Health, Assistant Director, Center for Healthy Communities (Faculty)

Rachelle Lyons, Research Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies (Faculty)

Bill Bolton, Town of Plymouth Select board

Kathy Lowe, Town of Plymouth Manager

Doug McLane, Local Landlord