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What changes have been made to the Academic Calendar?

Having classes from August 24–November 19 allows a full semester’s worth of instruction and the flexibility to change formats. By ending the semester before Thanksgiving, we eliminate the risk of students potentially bring the virus back to campus after traveling to other areas, and we finish before the flu season begins in earnest.

What’s been done to improve the online experience?

98 of our 144 traditional classrooms are now equipped with new interactive capabilities, and we’re deploying portable units in other classrooms. Approximately 70 percent of our classrooms are now equipped with remote capabilities. In addition, faculty are engaged in a host of professional development opportunities on remote and collaborative learning.

Will I know the format of my courses ahead of time?

Yes. If it’s 100 percent in-person, online, or hybrid (combination of both formats), it will be indicated online. In addition, we are working to designate some “hyflex” courses, in which half the class attends in-person some days while the other half “Zooms in” to the lecture, and then the two halves switch on other days. (This provides social distancing and safety in smaller classrooms.) We are excited to have a large incoming class and are continuing to add classes to the schedule. Please note that some classes that are now in person may need to be switched to online. If this happens, you’ll be notified and have the opportunity to make a change.

How will Plymouth State ensure physical distancing in classrooms and labs?

Classrooms and labs are structured to ensure physical distancing and classes will be offered remotely and in person to provide hybrid delivery for learning. Students who are sick or are in quarantine can still keep up on their classes, remotely.

Can all of my classes be online?

Yes, you can create a class schedule that is fully online if you choose, however, not all classes will be offered in an online format. Some classes will only be offered only in person—about 70 percent of our classes will have a face-to-face component (i.e. in person). We are excited to welcome a large entering class and are still adding courses and changing some course formats, and we’re aiming to have our system fully reflect these updates by August 1.

Will Panther Days and outdoor orientations be modified?

Yes. We are planning for these sessions to still take place and are currently working on revised formats.

Will PSU still offer academic services?

Yes. The Math Activity Center, the Writing Center, and other centers are planning to offer safe in-person tutoring (with social distancing and masks) along with virtual services.

How will classrooms be kept clean?

Sanitizing wipes will be provided in every class for students to wipe down desks/chairs, etc. before and after class. Hand sanitizer will be available, and students and faculty are encouraged to use the sanitizer or wash their hands before and after every class. Classrooms will be cleaned daily.

What will happen if a professor tests positive?

If a professor test positive, either another faculty member would pick up the course or it would move online—either way, the class continues.

What about internships and students in programs that require certification?

We know the importance of acquiring sufficient training hours in several fields and will help prepare students to start their careers. In regard to education majors, we will share more details as public school guidelines are finalized. Nursing students are currently doing clinical work locally and we are working with other employer partners on safe regional internship opportunities.

What about fall holidays?

To make up for ending the semester early, classes will be held on Labor Day (September 7), and Indigenous Peoples Day (October 12). No classes will be held on Veterans Day (November 11).

How has the schedule for finals changed?

Finals will be held from Thursday, November 19–Tuesday, November 24, including over the weekend.

Will Winter or Spring 2021 schedules be impacted?

Right now, we do not foresee any change to start dates.

Will fall sports athletes still return to campus early for preseason?

No, all student-athletes should return to campus as directed by residence life staff or off-campus landlords.

When will fall sports start?

The earliest date teams will begin practicing is 9/7.

Will athletes be able to workout during the two weeks between arriving on campus and the start of practices, or are they quarantined?

Individual athletes will be allowed to work out on their own, but not as a team/group. Athletes may be able to schedule small group time with strength and conditioning coach John “JT” Thomas, who is working to comply with spacing/distancing.

What are the testing procedures in place for athletes?

  • All Plymouth State students must have a negative COVID-19 test result prior to their arrival on campus.
  • All Plymouth State students will be retested the week of August 24.
  • All Plymouth State students will be tested a third time the week of September 7.
  • Additionally, athletic teams will be tested every other week throughout the semester, as well as three days prior to any athletic event that includes teams from other schools.

What is the cost of the COVID testing?

There will be no cost to students for any COVID testing.

What do the announcements from the MASCAC and LEC that their fall conference seasons are postponed mean for sports at Plymouth State?

  • Football – the MASCAC is considering a reduced season in the spring semester, but no official announcements have been made yet. The team will hold practices and workouts during the fall semester but will not play any outside competition.
  • Women’s Tennis – the LEC has announced the women’s tennis conference season and conference tournament will take place in the spring semester. This aligns the season with the NCAA Championship, which is regularly in the spring.
  • Other fall sports – The LEC has not announced any other fall sports (men’s & women’s cross country, men’s & women’s soccer, field hockey and women’s volleyball) will move to the spring. Plymouth State is working to secure a reduced non-conference schedule for these sports to play in the fall.

Will I be charged a season of eligibility if I play this year?

The NCAA has granted a blanket waiver for any student-athlete if their team can complete only 50% or less of the sport’s maximum contests/dates of competition due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. This applies to all sports and all student-athletes regardless of their year or eligibility (fresh., soph., jr., sr.). Our plan is to only play enough games to allow student-athletes to take advantage of that waiver.

Will fans/spectators be allowed at games this fall?

Out of an abundance of caution fans will not be allowed at any contests until further notice. This applies to all sports, not just fall sports.

Will there be any way to watch Plymouth State sports?

Games will be broadcast online with the links available on the athletics website (

Are there any changes to winter sports?

  • Winter sports will begin practices in mid-October consistent with NCAA rules, however captain’s practices/pick-up will not be permitted prior to that.
  • The LEC has postponed conference games for men’s and women’s basketball until January 1, but the non-conference schedule has not been altered at this point.
  • The NEHC (women’s ice hockey) has postponed conference games until January 1, but the non-conference schedule has not been altered at this point.
  • The MASCAC (men’s ice hockey) has not announced any decisions regarding winter sports yet but has said they will be addressed in the fall. We anticipate a delayed start to the conference schedule similar to those announced by the LEC and NEHC.
  • As PSU has adjusted its academic calendar for the fall semester, winter student-athletes will not return to campus following final exams/Thanksgiving.

What is happening with spring sports?

We are planning for spring sports to hold their non-traditional season (NTS, or “fall ball”) with some modifications.

  • NTS will not start as early as it typically does. The earliest team practices will begin is 9/14.
  • There will not be any outside competition – scrimmages or play dates – with other schools.
  • There will not be any access to locker room facilities so athletes should arrive at practices dressed to play. Port-a-potties will be located at all outdoor practice fields.

How will athletic training services be handled?

Services will be offered at all three clinics (PE Center, ALLWell North, Ice Arena) by appointment only (10am – 2pm). Appointments can be made prior to the start of team practices by contacting your sport’s athletic trainer.

Prior to entering any AT clinic an athlete’s temperature will be checked and they must verify they are symptom free using a COVID symptom checklist. Anyone displaying a fever or symptoms must return to their residence and make an appointment with PSU Health Services for further evaluation and possible testing.

Taping will occur at each team’s practice site when possible.

There will be no social gathering or use of hot packs at AT clinics prior to practice.

AT personnel will make and distribute all ice bags.

Athletes must provide their own water bottles. AT will provide water stations with hand sanitizer. Athletes must use the hand sanitizer before and after filling their own water bottles.

What will team travel look like?

We have worked with our transportation company to secure additional buses to better allow for distancing. All athletes and staff must wear face coverings while on the bus.

Prior to boarding the bus, each individual will have their temperature checked and must verify they are symptom free using a COVID symptom checklist. Anyone displaying a fever or symptoms will not travel.

Teams will not stop for meals while on the road. All meals will be packed with the team or delivered to the game site.

Will multisport athletes still be able to play multiple sports, or will they have to choose?

Coaches and administrators will work with student-athletes to help them make a decision that works best for everyone involved.

What happens if an athlete or coach test positive for COVID? Will all players and coaches need to quarantine? Where on campus would a quarantine take place and how would they be supported (meals, academics, etc.)?

Please refer to the Quarantine tab in the Frequently Asked Questions section of PSU’s Fall Opening Resources page.

My question wasn’t answered above. Who can I contact for more help?

Feel free to reach out to any of the following:

  • Kim Bownes, Director of Athletics,
  • Courtney O’Clair, Associate Director of Athletics,
  • Lauren Lavigne, Assistant Director of Athletics,
  • Mark Legacy, Assistant Director of Athletics/Head Athletic Trainer,
  • Chris Kilmer, Assistant Director of Communications,

Does a “closed campus” mean that I can’t travel?

In order to establish our safe campus, we’re asking students to limit travel, including not returning home, for at least the first few weeks of the semester. If you go outside the greater Plymouth area, we’ll need to find out the details and you may be tested.

How will you enforce wearing of masks, group sizes, etc., off campus?

The PSU Code of Conduct applies to all students, and we are working with local landlords, Plymouth police, and other local authorities to provide the safest possible fall semester. Attending PSU is a privilege and we ask that everyone follow six simple steps (LINK).

Can students have off-campus guests?

To promote safety, we will be a “closed campus” with no guest visits or overnights. Residence halls and other buildings will only be open to active faculty, staff, and students, continuing the policy that’s been in place since March.

What about visits from other on-campus students?

We need to treat each residence hall as a closed unit for health and safety purposes, so if you live in Grafton Hall and want to study with a friend in Merrill Place, you can’t visit there but you can both get together in a common area such as the library.

Will we have sports this fall?

The Little East Conference (LEC), Plymouth State’s primary athletic conference, has suspended conference play and championships for Fall 2020. The women’s tennis season has been moved to Spring 2021. PSU is exploring other options with nearby schools that meet certain testing criteria to allow for a reduced schedule of competitive play for other fall sports teams.

PSU’s football team is part of the Massachusetts State Collegiate Athletic Conference (MASCAC), which has also suspended its Fall 2020 season. The league is considering a shortened season for Spring 2021, but has not made a formal announcement.

The women’s ice hockey team is a member of the New England Hockey Conference (NEHC), which has postponed its conference schedule until January 2021. The league is allowing for non-conference play during the fall semester.

No spectators will be allowed at any PSU athletics events until further notice.

Are student clubs still operating?

Yes! We ask student clubs that meet to carefully adhere to using a mask, practice physical distancing, and to limit the size of gatherings.

How are local merchants preparing for the return of thousands of students from out of town?

They are looking forward to students’ return. We are having frequent conversations with merchants and town officials on how we can best work together.

Will the PSU Counseling Center be open?

Yes, on a limited basis. The primary means of service will be virtual, but it’ll be available in-person when online service isn’t appropriate, including for emergencies.

Will the HUB Fitness Center and gym be open? What about recreational sports?

We’re working to make the gym as safe as possible. The Fitness Center is a fairly tight space and will probably not be open, but students will still have access to that equipment elsewhere. We plan to have safe intramural options.

Will the shuttles operate?

Yes, though primarily between the Holderness and Plymouth parts of campus. Shuttles will include new safety features and masks will be required.

What is the plan for commuter students?

Commuters will continue to be welcomed to campus, and they will need to follow testing and health guidelines like all others. Those working in their hometowns may continue to do so.

What are the different modes and formats of Fall 2020 courses?

  • Online synchronous: Classes take place remotely during specified days and times.  
  • Online asynchronous: Classes take place remotely but not during specified day/time periods.  
  • Hybrid: Some classes are taught face-to-face and some online (synchronously or asynchronously); students are expected to participate during some of the days/times listed on the schedule. 
  • Face-to-face: Classes are taught on campus without an online component.  

How do the modified semester dates affect tuition and fees?

The additional days of learning, including starting earlier in August, not observing two holidays, and scheduling finals on weekend days, compensate for fewer days at the end of the semester. PSU will provide a full semester’s worth of learning and there will not be reductions in tuition or room and board fees. However, if PSU needs to shut down and students must leave campus as happened in Spring 2020, appropriate housing and dining reimbursements will be considered. Students who do not plan to live on campus or take advantage of campus dining in Fall 2020 will not have to pay for these services if they notify the University before the semester begins.

Can I keep my off-campus job?

Yes, though we’re suggesting that students limit their travel when possible. We’re also looking to provide as many opportunities as we can for on-campus and work-study jobs.

Will room and board fees be refunded if I decide before classes begin that I want to take all of my classes remotely?


Which health guidelines are being followed?

Plymouth State University is following the directives of the New Hampshire Governor’s Office, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), New Hampshire’s Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), and The World Health Organization (WHO) to guide us in our approach to delivering our curriculum to students and opening our campus.

Do I always have to wear a mask?

Everyone must wear face coverings in classrooms at all times, in public common spaces and in local stores and businesses. We will work individually with those who have special medical issues concerning mask-wearing. Remember, face coverings are worn for the protection of others as well as your own protection. Masks aren’t required if you’re outside and maintain six feet of distance.

What types are required?

Cloth face coverings that cover the nose and mouth are required in classrooms, common areas, meeting spaces, and group workspaces at all PSU facilities. We ask that you bring 3–4 masks to campus when you arrive, and PSU will have extras. 

What will happen if a student refuses to wear a mask?

We hope everyone will do their part by wearing masks, which is one of six simple steps to safeguard out community. Students who refuse to wear a mask won’t attend classes and may lose the privilege of coming to campus altogether.

How will music and theatre programs be handled?

We are looking into special masks for singing and what our options are for musical ensembles. Some activities may take place collaboratively but remotely. Social distancing will be necessary for all in-person performers. We’re excited that Momma Mia! will take place as planned as our fall musical!

Will athletics, theatre, recitals, and other events be open to the public?

Fall 2020 events will be open to the PSU community but not the general public. We are working on streaming options to enable families to watch as well.

Will PSU be hosting public events this fall?

The Museum of the White Mountains and the Silver Center for the Arts will be closed to the public in Fall 2020, in part to provide additional classroom space that will be needed for social distancing. In general, large campus gatherings will not be scheduled this fall, including Fall Fling. Homecoming will be done virtually and the Barbara Dearborn Golf Classic to raise funds for student scholarships will take place on Friday, September 25, at Waukewan Golf Club in Center Harbor, NH, adhering to social distancing guidelines. Commencement for the Class of 2020 will be rescheduled to take place in Spring 2021.

How will quarantining be handled?

Students who might be positive as determined by their proximity to known COVID-19 carriers, recent travel, and other situations will need to quarantine. Students who test positive for COVID-19 will be isolated for 14 days and not attend in-person classes. Those who live relatively close by may return home, and we are also securing off-campus space where PSU will provide meals, transportation, and remote classes until the student retests negative. We will arrange testing for off-campus students as well.

In terms of quarantining, what are “family units” and “lockdown”?

For on-campus students, your family unit is your residence hall room (up to four people). If one roommate tests positive the room will be quarantined as a whole, but the person who tested positive will be isolated separately or at home. If the virus spreads to the residence hall floor, then the whole floor will quarantine. A more severe outbreak may require “locking down” the entire residence hall or even the campus altogether. If you live off campus, if one person becomes ill the whole house or apartment is quarantined and you’ll have to stay off campus and take classes online until everyone tests negative.

What is the threshold for “locking down” the campus? Will PSU close?

If an outbreak affects 50 or more members of our community, all classes will switch to online format and we will end in-person activities. The school will remain open for learning online until the virus is controlled.

Will international students need to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival to the US?

As of July 16, we are still looking into this and expect to have clarification soon.

What’s it going to be like living on campus?

Many students were informed of room assignments on July 15, and others will be soon. Community building activities will still take place with appropriate social distancing, and we will be set up to handle students who might get sick. Staff will wear face coverings and students will be required to wear them in common spaces, but they will be optional in individual rooms.

What about move-in?

Move-in will begin on Wednesday, August 19, and students will be provided detailed move-in dates, time frames, and other instructions soon. The number of move-in helpers will be limited to two, and while they don’t need to be tested ahead of time they need to wear face coverings and observe social distancing.

Who is permitted to visit students in residence halls?

Members of the Plymouth State community who are participating our safety protocols—testing, physical distancing, hygiene—can visit the inside a residence hall. Family members and others who aren’t PSU students cannot go inside the building in order to maintain safety for everyone.

Who will clean common bathrooms in suites?

Students will keep these spaces clean as they use them. If there any specific questions about this or if they need assistance, students can talk with their resident assistant.

How will dining change?

We have been working closely with Chartwells, our dining services partner, and will have many options. Prospect Hall will be open for students using meal swipes. Food will be served by dining staff rather than “self serve,” we’ll have additional outdoor seating, more grab and go and take out options, and expanded hours at the Langdon Woods Café.

If I don’t live on-campus this fall, can my housing assignment be reserved for spring?

We’ll do our best, but you may need to be reassigned for the spring semester.

What are the rules for social distancing?

Remain six feet apart whenever possible, or alternatively three feet apart while wearing masks.

Can we still gather in groups?

We are working on ways for safe group gatherings, either remotely or with appropriate social distancing, but non-University sanctioned gatherings of 10 or more people will not be permitted, neither on- nor off-campus.

Does studying together count as a non-sanctioned gathering?

No, but we’re encouraging smaller numbers and distancing.

What testing procedures are planned?

Testing details were sent to students on August 3. We’ve worked closely with the NH state epidemiologist and the USNH system and have a robust system in place. PSU will pay for the testing and will assist in making arrangements.

Will the testing be difficult?

We are using the simple nasal swab in both nostrils, not the invasive, deep nasal swab. Temperature checks will not be required, but of course, if you have a temperature or aren’t feeling well in any way you should consult a healthcare provider.

What kind of testing will be done?

We’re planning a three-stage process as follows, up through mid-September.

  1. All students must have a negative test result within seven days of their arrival on campus. We have contracted with Quest Diagnostics, which is setting aside testing materials and lab space for us. Most pre-testing will be via mail. If a student’s test result is positive, they can begin classes online at home while quarantining for 14 days, then come to campus after retesting negative.
  2. All students will be tested again within the first week on campus. We will have a testing center conveniently located on or near campus.
  3. All students will be tested again two weeks later. This will provide a true baseline of our community’s status. After that we’ll test certain campus populations throughout the semester to keep on top of the situation.

What happens if I test positive or I am exposed to someone who has tested positive?

You will receive notification from a member of the PSU COVID-19 Rapid Response Team who will walk you through immediate actions to take and next steps. New Hampshire Health and Human Services will work directly with any person who is identified as either having tested positive or been exposed to someone who tested positive to provide details and recommendations for quarantine and isolation. Individuals testing positive or exposed to someone who has tested positive should avoid shared/common spaces for 14 days and may quarantine at home if it is relatively close. PSU has off-campus isolation space for students who are unable to return home. Faculty and staff are expected to quarantine at home.

What is contact tracing?

Contact tracing helps identify people who have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19, such as roommates and those who have been within 6 feet for 10 minutes or more. Read NH’s contact tracing plan.

What happens if a student in one of our in-person classes tests positive? Will we be notified through contact tracing?

PSU staff will assist New Hampshire Health and Human Services in contact tracing. For details of what is involved in tracing, visit the NH DHHS website.

What if I have symptoms but am not sure I have COVID-19?

Self-isolate and call either PSU Health Services at (603) 535-2350, or your Primary Care Provider (PCP) or other health care clinician for guidance.

What is an Informed Consent Agreement and why are students being asked to sign it?

Statement on informed consent forms from the University System of New Hampshire:

Based on review by the CDC and other federal and state health experts, it is our belief that social distancing and other safe practices can significantly lower the risk of viral infection. The informed consent form that students who intend to return to campus are being asked to sign acknowledges the expectations we have that individuals will engage in the social and hygiene practices we have identified as important on all of our campuses (Plymouth State University, University of New Hampshire, Keene State College, and Granite State College).

An informed consent is not the same as a waiver of liability. It is a recognition that a student understands what is expected and that it is their responsibility to follow behavioral and safety practices that we hope will mitigate risks for students, faculty, and staff who return to our campuses. Our institutions have collaborated with students, local towns and communities, businesses, landlords, campus, local and state law enforcement officials, and with leaders in our government to coalesce our best efforts to protect each other and reduce the spread of COVID-19.

What exactly are the testing requirements for students?

Students, faculty, and staff will be routinely tested for COVID-19 infection prior to arriving on campus and then again during the course of the fall semester. Those who exhibit any signs of the infection will be tested as well. The testing will be paid for by PSU and full instructions will be sent to students via e-mail and posted online at the Fall 2020 Opening website by Monday, August 3, 2020.

We’re planning a three-stage process as follows, up through mid-September.

  1. All students must have a negative test result within seven days of their arrival on campus. We have contracted with Quest Diagnostics, which is setting aside testing materials and lab space for us. Most pre-testing will be via FedEx/UPS. If a student’s test result is positive, they can begin classes online at home while quarantining for 14 days, then come to campus after retesting negative.
  2. All students will be tested again within the first week on campus. We will have a testing center conveniently located on or near campus.
  3. All students will be tested again two weeks later. This will provide a true baseline of our community’s status. After that we’ll test certain campus populations throughout the semester to keep on top of the situation.

Why is PSU asking students to get flu shots?

While we are not mandating that every student get a flu shot, we are strongly recommending it to all students, faculty, and staff. Getting a routine flu shot is considered “more important than ever” this year by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which says, “While it’s not possible to say with certainty what will happen in the fall and winter, CDC believes it’s likely that flu viruses and the virus that causes COVID-19 will both be spreading. In this context, getting a flu vaccine will be more important than ever. CDC recommends that all people 6 months and older get a yearly flu vaccine.” A related consideration is that because some symptoms of the regular flu and COVID-19 are similar, having a routine flu shot can help physicians rule out regular flu as a cause. More information is available on the CDC website. PSU Health Services will be providing flu shots to all students free of charge.

How will PSU handle COVID-infected individuals who are asymptomatic?

Infected individuals may be either symptomatic (presenting symptoms such as shortness of breath, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, etc.), or asymptomatic (no apparent symptoms). However, in both cases, a test will still flag you as positive for COVID-19 as symptoms do not dictate the result of a coronavirus test. Students, faculty, and staff will be tested repeatedly as Fall 2020 gets underway and there will also be random testing of groups throughout the semester to identify those infected with the virus, who will then need to isolate for 14 days.

What about student fees? If PSU has to go remote will they be refunded? Will students who choose to go remote still have to pay fees for services they won’t be able to use?

As was done in Spring 2020, non-academic fees will be refunded on a pro-rated basis for student services that cannot be provided or accessed in online-only learning. Students who choose to attend remotely for the fall semester will not be charged (or if already billed, credited) applicable fees as they will not be able to access on-campus services during the semester. In addition, should PSU have to go remote as we did in Spring 2020, residential students will receive a pro-rated refund on any room and board charges.

What about off-campus students, how can you force them to follow the rules?

Attending PSU is a privilege that carries significant responsibility for considering the health and safety of all members of our community. All students, whether on-campus or off-campus, must adhere to the Informed Consent Agreement in order to attend PSU in Fall 2020. Our hope as a University community is for students to take the agreement that they sign seriously. No matter where they live, students who choose not to follow health, safety, and other rules will be subject to the University’s student conduct process, which may result in suspension and/or other sanctions.

What happens if I don’t agree to the terms of the agreement?

Plymouth State recognizes that deciding to return to campus for in-person classes or to continue academic work online is a very personal choice. Students who choose the remote option for the fall semester will have access to remote courses and can continue their work remotely, but only those who sign the Informed Consent Agreement and agree to engage in the social and hygiene practices we have identified as important will be allowed on campus.

Is it true that students currently taking summer courses had to accept the terms before they could log into the Moodle site to complete their course work?

For about 24 hours this was an unplanned and unanticipated technical glitch. Once we became aware of this situation it was quickly resolved and communicated to summer faculty and students that they had full access to their course work. Students may resubmit their agreement by August 3 if desired.

Will restrictions be reviewed throughout the semester as we determine what’s happening with the virus in Plymouth and beyond?

Yes. PSU and other USNH schools are in regular, weekly contact with the NH Department of Health and Human Services to review current local, state, and national data on COVID-19. These updates will continue throughout Fall 2020 and we will review our policies (size of group gatherings, guests, etc.) biweekly to determine if we’re able to safely relax them.

Why can’t I have guests visit in my residence hall?

Over the past several months we have all had to restrict our interactions with those outside our immediate circles as much as possible to reduce the virus spread, and in order to make our campus as safe as possible we’re restricting campus interactions as well.

To limit the potential risk of exposure to the coronavirus, students may not have visitors from outside their own residence hall. Think of the students living in your residence hall as your family and the residence hall itself as your house. There will still be opportunities for socializing with your peers in public spaces around campus.

This policy is in accordance with guidance received from leading state and national health experts. By restricting guest interactions, we will reduce the possibility of virus spread from one residence hall to another or from having it enter our campus from the outside. As with other policies, this will be reviewed biweekly.

If I chose to be remote for the semester can I still be involved in student clubs, organizations, and campus life events?

Yes! Residential Life, Student Life, Career Services, and other campus departments are planning new, additional virtual programming, including exercise and health sessions, social events, competitions for gamers, skills workshops, and more, and the University will help existing clubs and organizations to host their meetings and programs online as wel