Student Life/Student Affairs Team

The Student Life and Student Affairs committee is developing a set of recommendations that addresses student life engagement and conduct related to the conditions of COVID-19 pandemic to ensure that students return to the safest campus environment possible.

Integration with PSU’s Fall 2020 Opening Plan

On July 10, 2020, PSU released its Fall 2020 Opening Plan. The plan runs close to 100 pages, beginning with Page One, which reads, “The health and safety of our community is our primary concern and what motivates all of the work that we are doing.” It covers all aspects of our operations and will continue to be updated throughout the summer.

Student Affairs/Student Life Team Opening Plan Highlights

  • Limit Hours of Service
  • Engage Students in Services Safely
  • Occupancy
  • Enforcement
  • Draft Conduct Policies Rider/ Compliance with University Public Health Protocol

Read this team’s full opening plan.

Task Force Members

Jeff Furlone, Dean of Students, Student Affairs (Co-Chair)

Tevis Bryant, Director of Student Life (Co-Chair)

Kara Barker, Student Conduct Advisor, Student Affairs

Beth Clay, Student Conduct Advisor, Student Affairs

Jen Kastick, Clinical Assistant Professor, Social Work (Faculty)

Jessie DeBow, Senior Program Support Assistant, Counseling Center (OS)

Drew Guay, Director of Campus Recreation (PAT)

Kyle Hastbacka, Assistant Director of First-Year Student Programming & Orientation (PAT)