An Introduction to Greek Life at PSU

By: Shannon Francolini, Managing & News Editor

Greek Life policies have completely upgraded from the beginning of the Fall 2019-2020 semester here at Plymouth State University. In previous years oversight for the Greek life community at PSU was nonexistent. Like many other universities, fraternities and sororities here on campus are no exemption from hazing, substance abuse, or sexual assault and violence. These types of risky behaviors can be found all around any college campus but officials here at PSU have put the stereotypes aside to work together towards improved solutions. Although there are sororities and fraternities that happily comply with their national organization, PSU has been experiencing a lack of willingness and compliance with not only their policies and codes of conduct, but at the national level as well. These types of issues have been of recent violation here at PSU but remain a commonality across the United States.

Since Plymouth State decided to shift their policies and requirements of community guidance, there has been significant “progress in the right direction”, explains Tevis Bryant, Director of Student Life here at PSU. After speaking with Tevis and discussing the ‘in’s & out’s’ of Greek life here at PSU, he was informing of the new policies here on campus and how we can all help enforce and follow these protective measures. Previous Greek life at PSU contained strictly local organizations that had no structure. The new policy instructs that if a Greek Life chapter wishes to remain represented and recognized, not only must they align with PSU’s code of conduct, but also “align with a national organization in order to maintain recognition with Plymouth State University” (Fraternity & Sorority Life Policies, PSU). Chapters that truly cared about their representation and recognition followed through with all that was asked of them, while some chose to opt out. Some might have thought these administrative policies were put in place for control or change. But in reality, it all comes down to not only the experience within Greek Life but the safety of everyone involved.

After “addressing issues from a perspective of conduct”, Tevis went on to share how Greek Life has transformed their once negative reputation to an atmosphere of “positive recruiting, following policies, and working together.” The new and improved codes of conduct and policies regarding Greek Life would only upset students for the wrong reasons, who might be involved for the wrong reasons. These policies put in place are to ensure safety of all students, build the proper reputation with accurate representation, enhance communication and togetherness, as well as build a positive environment forthe Greek Life community moving forward. In the past, students have made reckless decisions on behalf of their local chapter but inspiring Greek Life to get involved with a National Chapter will help further prevent such acts of danger and insecurity.

Chapters that have previously existed at PSU, running on old policies and codes of conduct, could never and will never be forgotten. The memories created here at PSU will not only live on with the students but the University as well. Unfortunate as it may be for a chapter to go unrecognized, due to failure to comply with National Organization guidelines, will only further prevent students from gaining the amazing experience that Greek Life has tooffer. Tevis perfectly stated how “As times change, national organizations also grow and change.” These policies and guidelines are only ensured for overall the safety of the PSU community. These guidelines may seem estranged to others, but for the universal well-being of the students here at Plymouth State, what would you have to lose?

By joining a National Chapter of Greek Life at PSU you are able to gain all-access to all the benefits Greek Life can and will provide. Choosing to remain unrecognized by Plymouth State will only further prevent the chapter from participating in all Greek Life events PSU has to offer. Through this amazing experience one can gain leadership skills, new friendships, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Greek Life here at Plymouth State has been an invigorating experience for many years prior and many years can come. The director of the Office of Student Life, Tevis Bryant, has worked conscientiously with other PSU officials to certify the safety, responsibility, and representation of all chapters of Greek Life here on campus. If you haven’t considered getting involved already, now is a great time to get involved. If your chapter has not yet been recognized at PSU, now is the time to make the right change to get the absolute most out of your experience here at PSU. The latest polished code of conduct and policies for Greek Life are here to encourage and enhance your experience at PSU, not take it away.

For more information you can contact Tevis Bryant, Director of Student Life at, or for more information about Greek Life on campus, provided are some links below for your inquiries.