Annual Angel Tree Project Kicks Off

By: Justine Walsh, Editor-in-Chief

The Angel Tree Project has been an initiative held by Plymouth State’s Office of Community Impact (OUI) for years. Each year, members of OUI team up with community agencies in the area to help supply gifts to children during the holiday season by sponsoring a tag. When sponsoring a tag, they ask for contact information, and afterwards you are able to choose the age and gender of the child you are sponsoring. 

Due to the ongoing pandemic, The Angel Tree Project has had to pivot. Tags have been made available virtually. OUI has also asked for gifts to be put in bags, instead of being wrapped. They have had fewer opportunities to table, and have had to rely more on social media, as well as word of mouth, to get their message to people. “Many individuals that have participated in previous years have returned to sponsor children, and we ask everyone to tell the people they know about Angel Tree.” said Emily Infinger, President of PSU Volunteers, said in an interview.

Although there have been changes made to the project, they have had a record-breaking amount of kids to sponsor. Historically, there have been around 300 kids, but this year it has increased to 354. OUI is appreciative of the community’s help in fulfilling all the donations, and the monetary donations that have been made as well. 

Not only is this project helping those in need, but it also brings the whole community together, which makes Infinger especially happy. “I personally think that the best part about this project is the way the entire community comes together to help make the wishes of children and youth come true. It’s truly a joy to see how many people reach out to get involved, especially in a year like this where everyone is struggling a little bit. It brings a lot of hope.” 

This year’s gift drop off will be from November 16th to November 20th. As of November 3rd, 118 tags out of the 354 tag goal have been sponsored. Make sure to spread the word, and to sponsor a tag if you can! To sponsor a tag, please visit or contact Emily Infinger at