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ARTalk at PSU

By: Justine Walsh

On February 25th, the Museum of the White Mountains, located on Highland Street, opened “Emerging: The Annual Plymouth State Student Juried Art Exhibit.” The exhibit featuresPSU students’ work from different classes in the Art Department at different levels of experience. It will be up until March 24th, the night of the ARTalk.

The ARTalk will feature a panel of student artists whose work was selected for the exhibitand those who won an award for the best piece in their level. This year around 70 pieces of artwork were submitted, created by around 50 students. Each student was allowed to submit up to three pieces each. “There’s lots of artists included in the show, a couple of them have more than one piece, and artwork that was not selected to this show was open to be in the Salon show which we have down in the Collins gallery in the D & M,” Cynthia Cutting, the Director of the Museum of the White Mountains, said.

Tallie Phan, a third year student at PSU who has been interning at the museum, will be the facilitator for the ARTalk. Phan was asked to create the questions for the panelists and will help them prepare for it. “Questions-wise I think I’m just gonna observe what the people are interested in tomorrow (the opening night of the show) at the opening and just go around, observe, and ask questions,” Phan said. On top of being a facilitator this year, Phan was also anartist on the panel last year.

The Museum of the White Mountains frequently features student work and the ARTalk will give the artists behind the pieces in the exhibit a chance to explain their work to students, professors, and locals alike.The ARTalk will begin at 5 P.M. on March 24th. Hope to see you there!