Bernie Sanders Visits Common Man

By: Asia Merrill

On Sunday, February 9th, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and his team visited the Common Man in Plymouth to rally supporters for the upcoming primary election. Sanders isrunning a second campaign following the 2016 election. Sanders has been a consistent activistand has served as a senator of Vermont since 2007.

Students and citizens filled the relatively intimate space. The field coordinator for the Sanders campaign, Matt, kicked things off with some promising numbers. Thanking the canvassers, volunteers, and professional team, the campaign boasted nearly 1,000 doors knocked on for Saturday, totaling nearly a third of all residences in Plymouth excluding students. Heencouraged supporters to continue perpetuating Sanders’ success before introducing the man ofthe hour.

Following Matt’s lead, Sanders announced the early success of the campaign, specifically in regards to winning the popular vote in Iowa by 6,000, as well as the realignment by 2,500. He attributed this success to what he called, “The strongest grassroots volunteer movement of any campaign.” He made a point to thank New Hampshire and its citizens for both electing him inthe previous primary and donating to his campaign.

Senator Sanders was not able to take questions during the event, but covered a vastvariety of topics and outlined his self-proclaimed radical platform, emphasizing the need toreduce corporate greed. He proclaimed his support for the pro-choice movement, universalhealthcare, ending student debt, and increased minimum wage. On the topic of education,Sanders had the following to say:

“We are going to change our priorities in America and we’re putting education way upthere at the top- universal, affordable, high-quality childcare, tripling funding for low-incometitle one schools- because we believe in the future of this country, we believe in our children.”He followed up with a promise that no teacher under his administration would make less than $60,000 a year.

Having won the New Hampshire primary, Sanders has made a promising lead in theelection. The final vote will be November 3rd- a daunting nine months away.