BLEND in with Plymouth at Blended Café!

By: Shannon Francolini, Managing & News Editor

If there is one thing that Plymouth could use an addition of, is a brand-new breakfast/brunch hot spot. Located downtown next to the infamous PhatFish and fan favorite, The Grotto, Blended Café is home to 61 Main Street, Plymouth, New Hampshire. The unique aspect to this new restaurant is their ability to accommodate all customers. Their lean and healthy menu can serve all allergies or preferences. The vegan options Blended offers mold to all diet partialities or needs, no matter the allergy. The diversity within their menu intrigues all different taste buds. From their variation of beverages including juice, tea, coffee, kombucha, your typical smoothie, and even better, a smoothie bowl. If you have never tried a smoothie bowl it is highly recommended, all different flavors, exclusively acai, a berry from the Acai Palm Tree, native to Central and South America. The café also offers a variation of toppings of all likings, and even better, no limitations, meaning you can add as many as you like!

This menu does not only offer beverages of all types, but they have an extended meal menu as well, perfect for late breakfast or brunch. Offering different sandwich combinations including gluten free toast or bagels, and allsorts of breakfast sandwiches you can think of. It is amazing they are able to offer many options, a characteristic that is fairly new to the Plymouth Community. Another quality Blended Café introduced is the use of rare items such as plant-based protein powder and bee pollen collagen. From their freshpressed juice blends, their inclusion of vitamins, protein, nutrients, and itemsof detoxification, this menu will fit all of your personal needs. Definitely a hot commodity, Blended Café has been seeing a lot of new customers lately, not just PSU students.

This cute little café has the most beautiful decorations inside and outside their location, beautiful artwork and eccentric seating arrangements. If you haven’t been already, grab a friend for Saturday breakfast and head downtown. Unless you like to be prepared, check out their online menu at, or call ahead and ask any question to their very attentive staff. Their manifold of options further proves their passion to their customers, including their kindness and generosity. Their menu is guaranteed to please your appetite and even your eye for artwork and individuality. A great place to get brunch with a friend, or curb your midafternoon snack, Blended Café is promised to leave you feeling full of happiness.