The Clock staff. Photo by Samantha Knapton.

By Samantha Latos & ‘The Clock’ staff

Positions are now available at ‘The Clock’ student newspaper! Our Editor-In-Chief, Managing Editor, Photo Editor/Photographer, Sports Editor, Features Editor, and Arts and Entertainment Editor are all seniors who will graduate this spring. ‘The Clock’ has weekly meetings on Mondays at 6p.m. We print biweekly, and our editing nights take place at 6p.m. every other Wednesday. Our Production Manager, Noah Young, will be conducting miniature editing nights on the Tuesdays of print weeks as well to try and get half of the newsprint done prior to the Wednesday editing night. Anyone interested in any of these paid positions listed must be available on Mondays at 6p.m. and every other Wednesday evenings and nights.

Samantha Latos, current Editor-In-Chief. Photo by Samantha Knapton.

As Editor-In-Chief, I am looking for someone who is ready and motivated to jump into a leadership position and who is willing to work with me throughout next semester to learn about the behind-the-scenes of this publication, and how to manage ‘The Clock’ with the new Managing Editor after I’ve graduated. The Editor-In-Chief position does not require proficiency for writing for each section, although I have written for every section throughout my time at ‘The Clock’ out of necessity due to a lack of writers. The position calls for managing the staff by approving articles, fact-checking and editing, running meetings, and staying late on Wednesday editing nights putting the paper together with the Production Manager, Noah Young. After initially training with me, the new Editor-In-Chief will be elected in by the staff.

Mason Masotta, current Managing Editor. Photo by Samantha Knapton.

The Managing Editor is the Vice President of ‘The Clock.’ The Managing Editor works with the section editors by making sure each section has the four-article minimum for each print. If a section doesn’t have the minimum of four articles, the Managing Editor must work with the editor to find more story ideas and write that story if necessary. Ideally, the Managing Editor should feel proficient in writing for each section: News, Features, Arts & Entertainment, Plymouth Voices, and Sports. The Managing Editor assists the Editor-In-Chief by checking in with every section editor at the Monday meetings, attending trainings with the Editor-In-Chief, and running the meetings and taking over production if the Editor-In-Chief is unable.

Samantha Knapton, current Photo Editor. Photo by Samantha Knapton.

The Photo Editor, or Photographer, takes photo requests from staff members and writers to get high-quality photos for print and online. Anyone with a passion for photography who is able to take pictures on given days and times would succeed in this position. It’s preferred that the Photo Editor has their own camera, but ‘The Clock’ does have one (admittedly old) camera that may be rented out.

Ken Nguyen, current Sports editor. Photo by Samantha Knapton.

The Sports Editor is obligated to cover every official college sport game (as determined by Plymouth State’s Athletics) so long as there has been at least one game within 2 weeks from the next print.

Jared Gendron, current Features editor. Photo by Samantha Knapton.

The Features Editor must meet the four-article minimum for each print by assigning article prompts to writers. The Features section includes ongoing events on campus, any trends affecting PSU students, events that center around people and the campus community at large, and spotlights on specific students and faculty.

Nicholas A. Prescott, current Arts & Entertainment editor. Photo by Samantha Knapton.

The Arts and Entertainment, or A&E Editor, must also meet the four-article minimum for each print by assigning article prompts to writers. A&E concerns: plays and productions brought by Plymouth State Theatre, current events such as performances or movies at The Flying Monkey, The Eagle Pond Author’s Series, and any other Plymouth arts or entertainment events. There is a monthly ‘Plymouth Playlist’ that the section editor does that seeks to set up the month and its holidays and other topical events in musical form. If you’re interested in music, movies, poetry, TV or really any other form of media, A&E is the section for you.