Holidate Review

By: Taylor Nute, A&E Editor


Now that the Halloween season is over, it’s time for Christmas movies to make a comeback. People will pull out old classics or find new holiday movies to watch on the Hallmark channel. One other company putting their name in the ring for new holiday movies is Netflix. The recently released the movie Holidate on October 28th. Holidate stars American Horror Story’s Emma Roberts, SNL’s Alex Moffat, and Titanic’s Frances Fisher.

In the movie, Sloane, played by Roberts, goes home for Christmas and is chastised by her family for being the only single one of the family, which she hates. Across the city, Jackson, played by Luke Bracey, spends Christmas with a nightmare date and her family. The two of them eventually meet and decide to be each other’s ‘holidate,’ so that they didn’t have to deal with other bad dates or nosey family members. Despite being just friends at the beginning of their fake dates, they eventually fall for each other by the end of the movie.

The movie itself has an interesting concept that a lot of people can relate to around the holidays. Emma Roberts does a good job going from the grumpy, sarcastic character who hates Christmas to a girl who actually feels better about theholidays and is willing to fall for the guy. Luke Bracey captures the average, adorable love interest perfectly. Everyone who plays the families of the main characters make you feel like you’re watching your own family during the holidays. That alone makes it an enjoyable holiday movie for everyone.

Overall, the movie is a great one to watch during the holidays. It’ll get you in the Christmas mood, give you a few laughs, and may be a movie you could relate toat least a little bit. Make sure to check out the movie to get yourself in the holiday mood!