Plymouth Playlist – October

By: Taylor Nute, A&E Editor

Get ready for a spooky edition of Plymouth Playlist! It’s October, and almost Halloween, which means people are putting together their costumes, and yards are being filled with scary decorations. Of course, the best way to get in the spooky mood is with some music! So, this Plymouth Playlist will contain (mostly) scary songs to get you ready for Halloween. If you have any suggestions for future playlists, send me the song and a description of why you chose it at

Hamilton x When We All Vote – Lin Manuel Miranda and Hamilton Cast

This has been said plenty of times, but it deserves to be repeated – go vote in this presidential election! The election is in a few weeks, and absentee ballots are still being accepted as well. No matter who you’re voting for, your voice deserves to be heard, and you have a right to vote!

Billie Eilish – Bury a Friend

Bury A Friend is pretty much the creepiest song off of Eilish’s album, When we all Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? The strong beat and Eilish’s soft vocals provide a scary vibe. If you want to make it even scarier, watch the music video as well; it’s sure to give you a bit of a spook!

Oh Klahoma – Jack Stauber

The first time I listened to this song, I immediately got October vibes from it. It probably has to do with the slow beat of the song. Oh Klahoma just feels like something you could sit outside and watch the falling leaves to. 


You can’t have a Halloween Playlist without Thriller! This classic song reminds anyone who listens to it of zombies and crawly creatures. The song is perfect for any Halloween party, or if you just want to listen to get into the spooky Halloween mood!

Rhiannon – Fleetwood Mac

When listening to this song, the sound of the song may not seem like it fits spooky season. However, the lyrics tell a story perfect for Halloween. It tells the story of Rhiannon, a seemingly mysterious girl. Stevie Nicks (lead singer of the band and the one who wrote the song) had gotten the idea for the song from a book she read. The book is about a girl who becomes possessed by Rhiannon, the goddess of steeds and birds. Perfect for a spooky playlist!