Plymouth State Forgoes Traditional Spring Break

By: Stephanie Leger, For the Clock

On Monday, October 12, Marlin Collingwood sent a campus-wide email informing students and faculty that Plymouth State would not be having their traditional Spring Break. Other colleges throughout the state, including The University of New Hampshire and Keene State have also decided to forgo the usual break in March. COVID-19 concerns have continued to affect normal school semesters, however Collingwood did mention including a few “mental health breaks” throughout the Spring semester.

With the initiation of this change, Spring classes are now beginning January 25th instead of January 19th– however, the semester will still end as planned on May 7th. Many colleges across the country have decided to make the same decision, since Spring Break is traditionally a time where college students will travel in and outside of the country. Unfortunately, COVID-19 poses a huge threat to students deciding to travel, and the odds of an outbreak after Spring Break are increasingly high. To protect the students and faculty, the extra week has been included in Winter Break to eliminate the risk of student’s contracting COVID and returning to campus, which could create more issues throughout the rest of the semester.

Although the traditional Spring Break is a much anticipated week off, the risks have proven to be too high for Plymouth State to continue the semester as normal. This change will undoubtedly affect the students, faculty and community, however, it is in the best interest of everyone’s health and safety. The semester’s continue to change, and the Plymouth community will have to continue to learn how to adapt in a way that is most beneficial to us all.