Positions Review

By: Taylor Nute, A&E Editor


Fans were excited when Ariana Grande released her new album, Positions, last Friday. Positions is Grande’s 6th album and features other big artist such as The Weeknd and Doja Cat.

On first listen, its obvious that this album is much different than Grande’s previous albums. Her past two albums, Sweetener and Thank You, Next were released during rough times in her life. A terrorist attack happened at one of her concerts, her ex, Mac Miller, passed away, and her engagement to actor Pete Davidson ended. However, Positions shows Grande’s growth during the last few years.

Many of the songs feature a similar beat to past songs, but the lyrics show Grande’s improvement since the past two albums. She created an intimate connection with her songs, and that intimacy seems to reflect her personal life; she’s ready to move on and find the romance she’s been looking for. Although a lot of songs sound similar to previous songs, some of them are more mellow and laid back, and seem to bring Grande back to her R&B roots.

When listening to the title track, it’s obvious why that one was chosen to be the lead single. Positions has a catchy radio-type beat for everyone to listen to. Another strong song off the album is POV. It’s a subtle, mellow song that easily gets listeners hooked on the sound. It also shows some of Grande’s personal growth. Although she’s still working on loving herself, she shows in this song that she has definitely improved and knows that she’s loved.

Make sure to check out Positions, out now anywhere you listen to music! It’s sure to get you singing the catchy lyrics and having the beats stuck in your head all day long.