Ratched: Episodes 5-8 Review

By: Taylor Nute, A&E Editor


Last print, we visited the first 4 episodes in Ratched, the Netflix original about the iconic nurse from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Now, it’s time for the thrilling conclusion that happens in the last 4 episodes. Warning: there are spoilers for the show in this review!

There’s a lot that happens in the last 4 episodes of Ratched. Eduard escapes the hospital, gets caught, and then eventually escapes again, right before his execution. Ratched begins to have feelings for the governor’s secretary, Gwendolyn. Hanover is killed, and Bucket becomes the head of the hospital.

Luckily, the last 4 episodes come together nicely at the end, and the conclusion makes sense for all the things going on. These episodes are definitely better than the first 4, as you continue to learn more about each situation going on. Suddenly, things seem to make sense when they seemed so chaotic and all over the place beforehand. The scenery continues to be breathtaking, and of course Sarah Paulson (and the other actors) make their characters believable to the audience. Ratched ends on a cliffhanger (the end of the final episodes takes place 3 years after the initial events of the series, and Edmund, who had escaped the hospital, calls Mildred Ratched to tell her he’s going to find her and kill her). This promises an interesting second season, one that’s obviously going to build on the relationship between Ratched and her brother.

Although Ratched isn’t exactly my favorite, I would definitely recommend giving it a try if you’re interested in the thrill part of it, or if you’re interested in learning about the backstory of the iconic Nurse Ratched. The show is on Netflix!