Residential Recipes with Noah: Pan-Fried Fish

By: Noah Young, Productions Manager

Looking to add something crunchy and fishy to your reper-toire? Corn starch is really cheaply acquired from any baking isle. And fish fillets from the freezer isle are relatively cheap and will keep for months as long as they are kept frozen. Thisis best served atop a bed of fresh white rice.


•Soy Sauce


•Granulated Sugar




•Any White fish like Haddock, Cod, or Tilapia

•Corn Starch


The Sauce:

In a bowl, mix together Add a tablespoon of water and soy sauce, and a tablespoon of sugar. Mince a pinch or so of gin-ger and two cloves of fresh garlic and add to the sauce. Add sriracha to taste.

The Fish:Defrost either by placing in the fridge a few hours in advance or by running hot tap water over the bag. My fish instructed me to thaw in the fridge and out of the bag. Doing it the fast way might ruin them, in either firmness or micro plastic con-tent. But hey, it’s fish.

Slice the fish into 1 inch thick strips, being as careful as possi-ble to keep the fish intact. It will try to fly apart.

Next, to bread the fish, get a bowl with some corn starch and let the corn starch stick to the sides of the fish. Make sure you get all sides covered with corn starch.

Lastly, get a pan and fill it with two tablespoons of oil. Canola would work best here since it has a high smoking tempera-ture and doesn’t put too much of its own flavor into the dish.

Cut some thin ginger strips and place into the oil from cold until they brown and impart their glorious flavor into the oil.

Add the fish (careful not to break them up) and cook until both sides are brown.

Transfer to a plate with a paper towel to absorb excess oil and add sauce to the top, while still bubbling hot either with aspoon.

Allow fish to cool for 5 minutes and serve on a bed of fresh rice.