Senior Spotlight: Grace Dawson

By: Samantha Latos

Grace Dawson transferred to Plymouth State University from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland for the fall 2018 semester. She said, “After I had decided to go to PSU, I found ‘The Clock’ and thought, ‘oh cool, they have a newspaper!’” It was a perfect match for Dawson, who was an English major switching to Communication at the time.

Dawson first got involved with ‘The Clock’ by writing for the Arts and Entertainment section; however, her strong grammatical skills quickly earned her the position of Media Manager. By October, Dawson was uploading articles onto our website. She was a huge help to the newsroom by catching spelling mistakes early enough for us to fix those mistakes on the PDF for print. Dawson credits her passion for copyediting to her experience being the Media Manager.

The 2019 ACP/CMA National College Media Convention was Dawson’s favorite memory from her time at ‘The Clock’. “I remember looking at all of the descriptions for the sessions and I was like, ‘Ooh, this is good.’ I remember having to pick between two sessions that started at the same time. It was a dilemma but a good dilemma to have,” she said. Dawson remembers one specific session hosted by many young female journalists who work for ‘The Washington Post’. “It was so interesting to hear their real-world jobs and not just the job duties as listed in a job ad,” Dawson said.

Dawson was a leader in creating our new website. Scrapping our old, outdated site with a WordPress was originally then-Features Editor Nicholas Pulliam’s idea. Dawson worked with PSU’s Graphic and Digital Designer Mackenzie Fullerton and launched this website in the spring of 2019. ‘The Clock’ is grateful for Dawson’s innovation; she truly left her mark on this publication.

Dawson’s professionalism and positive attitude did wonders for ‘The Clock’ over the past few years. She is graduating from PSU with a BA in Communication Studies with a concentration in Professional Communication. ‘The Clock’ is confident that Dawson will find success with her copy-editing skills and admirable work ethic.