Senior Spotlight: Jared Gendron

By: Justine Walsh

Long before becoming the Features Editor, Jared Gendron wrote for ‘The Clock’ in the fall of his freshman year. He started off writing for the Arts & Entertainment section of the paper. The first piece he ever contributed was about the school radio station.

Gendron briefly stopped writing for ‘The Clock’ until he joined once again in the spring of his sophomore year, when he took Practicum in Publication with Professor Joseph Mealey. This time around, he not only wrote articles, but he also illustrated comic panels, which he liked to do, because it was something ‘The Clock’ had not seen much of before. 

In the spring of 2018, he worked mostly with Jordan Cady, who was the Features Editor at the time. In the following year, he worked with Nicholas Pulliam, who had taken over as the section editor upon Cady’s graduation. Jared continued writing until the spring 2019 semester, when he took over the role as Features Editor.

A piece Gendron is proud of is a comic he worked on for eight hours, on the night of a Practicum deadline. He did not want to hand it in for the next print, but was determined to get it in. When he looks back on this moment, he remembers it as a very “taxing” time, and as one of the most intense projects he has done at Plymouth State University. Gendron also wrote a research paper for his Advanced Composition class which he intended to re-format for an article. This paper that he was so proud of became one of the pieces that he used to apply to graduate school.

Gendron is graduating from PSU with a BA in English. In the fall, he will be attending the University of Missouri at Columbia with another graduating member of ‘The Clock’, Ken Nguyen. Gendron will gain more editorial experience once attending the University, and hopes to work in the journalism industry in the future. Jared has always shown he is a great team player by finishing the Features Section early on Wednesday editing nights. His efforts will be missed at ‘The Clock’, and we wish him the best as he continues his educational, and journalism journey.