Senior Spotlight: Ken Nguyen

By: Samantha Knapton

Ken Nguyen came on board as a writer for ‘The Clock’ in the spring of 2019. He showed interest in the Sports Editor position and trained with the editor at the time, Brianna Sinclair. Nguyen wrote articles for the Arts and Entertainment and Features sections before officially taking the position of Sports Editor in the fall 2019 semester.

Nguyen says that a memorable moment he had during his time as Sports Editor was when he interviewed Rob Wright, the men’s soccer coach, in the fall of 2019 after the team had endured a rough season. Although some of the questions Nguyen asked him were related to specific circumstances that affected the team’s performance that season, he said, “the coach was extremely professional and transparent which I greatly appreciated.”

Along with being a talented writer, Nguyen always knew how to make the staff laugh. His wit and professionalism have been greatly valuable to ‘The Clock.’

Nguyen is graduating with a BA in Communication in Media Studies with a concentration in professional communication with minors in business administration and marketing. He will be attending graduate school at the University of Missouri to obtain his Master’s in journalism with a concentration in convergence journalism. Everyone at ‘The Clock’ wishes Nguyen success in life after graduation!