Senior Spotlight: Mason Masotta

By: Jared Gendron

Mason Masotta first joined ‘The Clock’ in his sophomore year, the fall 2017 semester at Plymouth State University. Lindsey DeRoche, the Arts and Entertainment Editor at the time, first got him involved with the publication. Looking to get more writing experience and build a strong portfolio of published material—while also entertaining his passion for the arts—Masotta started with his review of the then-recent release of the movie “It.” Building off from there, he went on to become the A&E Editor the following fall. He held that position until the fall of 2019, when he became the Managing Editor.

Masotta spends much of his time reading, writing, and consuming many other types of media such as music and film. His thirst for story-telling led him to complete his first novel last summer, which he self-published online.

Throughout his successes at ‘The Clock’, Masotta wrote editorials that have sparked significant discussion around campus. For instance, he was the writer behind an op-ed that critiqued Barstool Plymouth’s Instagram account, as well as voicing criticism towards Hollywood drama amidst the Me-Too Movement.

Masotta is leaving Plymouth with a clean slate, and ‘The Clock’ has helped him to foster the communication skills to pursue his career path. He is motivated to become a journalist and find work as a freelance writer. To anybody that wishes to write for ‘The Clock’ or take a stab at some creative writing of their own just as he did, Masotta offers some insight on the writing process: “Save everything. Let the storage space of your computer get cluttered. Every piece of writing is another step towards making something that is actually good. Bad Writing comes from the same place as Good Writing.” 

He is graduating with a BA in English and minor in Media Studies. ‘The Clock’ wishes him luck with his writing career.