Senior Spotlight: Nicholas A. Prescott

By: Mason Masotta

Leaving us is one of ‘The Clock’s most revolutionary Arts and Entertainment Editors. Nicholas A. Prescott, Nicky P, began his time at ‘The Clock’ primarily writing for the A&E section of the paper in the spring of his sophomore year. He took his official position as the section editor at the start of the fall 2019 semester.

In the fall of 2018, Prescott came to me with an idea for a serialized column. His idea was for the two of us to co-write the “Plymouth Playlist.” In the first issue of every new month, we selected three or four songs each that we believed fit the theme of the month itself. This could range from holidays, movie releases, political events, and just about any other connections that would spread Prescott’s deep love for music. 

His lyrical talents were not limited to merely reporting on and critiquing music, but by performing it himself. As a member of Plymouth State University’s Vocal Order, he consistently performed at a high level with a group specializing in acapella style music. His predilection for the stage continued as he became Vice President of the improv comedy troupe PlymProv. Prescott is everything that a good journalist should be; someone with a hard work ethic who is never afraid to speak their mind. 

Prescott will be proceeded by PSU student Taylor Nute as A&E Editor this fall. He has two pieces of advice to leave behind for the future:

  1. “For future writers: Write how you speak. We all know how to speak but somehow don’t all know how to write. If you want clear writing, write like you’re talking.” 
  2. “For future editors: People are going to disagree with your edits and will be wrong about grammar and other things. If it’s not in your section, just let it go. If it’s in your section… quietly change them back.” 

His passion for the truth and refusal to allow any topic to be off limits made ‘The Clock’ a better source of news and a better place to work. Prescott will leave PSU with a BA in English with a concentration in writing and a minor in Anthropology/Sociology. His studies shall continue as he joins University of New Hampshire’s (UNH) English Studies Master’s program with a full tuition scholarship and teaching assistantship.