Senior Spotlight: Samantha Latos

By: Grace Dawson

As soon as Samantha Latos set foot on campus her freshman year, she knew she wanted to get involved with a club. At the Fall 2016 Activities Fair, she “marched right up to ‘The Clock’s’ booth and that’s where I met Justin Siewierski, who was the Editor-In-Chief at the time,” she said, “I called my dad on the walk home because I was so excited to have signed up.” 

Once she arrived in ‘The Clock’s’ office, everything began to fall into place. Latos met Kelsey Davis, the News Editor at the time, who quickly became a role model for her. She specifically remembers covering Molly Ringwald’s speech in the Hartman Union Building as the moment that really kicked off her interest in journalism. She remembers sitting on the floor with her notebook, taking “lots of notes,” and later getting a picture with Ringwald. “That was the moment I realized ‘This is so cool!’ Who would’ve thought I’d have been on campus for a couple weeks and already met one of my favorite actresses?” she said. 

That summer, News editor Kelsey Davis asked Latos to take her place. She accepted right away and became the assistant News editor for the Fall 2017 semester. After Davis’s graduation, Latos became the News editor and held the position for about a year. During the Fall 2018 semester, Nick Fiore, then Editor-In-Chief, asked her if she would run for Editor-In-Chief. She accepted his offer and was elected in December 2018. 

One of her proudest moments at ‘The Clock’ was the 2019 ACP/CMA National College Media Convention. Latos first attended the convention in Dallas in the fall of 2017 with Justin Siewierski, the Editor-In-Chief; Jordan Cady, the Features editor, and Jack Roberts, the Photo Editor. She was amazed at the experience, which included seminars about women in journalism and feminism in the newsroom. After that, she wanted others to experience it, too: “One of my biggest goals as Editor-In-Chief was to attend ACP/CMA and bring my people there and be a leader,” she said. To no surprise, she was successful in her efforts and brought Photo Editor Samantha Knapton, News Editor Justine Walsh, and Media Manager Grace Dawson to the 2019 ACP/CMA Convention in Washington, D.C. in the late fall of 2019. “It was great to be in one of my favorite cities and feel so on top of the world,” she said. 

Latos also takes pride in making Plymouth Voices its own section. Jordan Cady, former Features editor and Managing Editor, came up with the title for the section, and she and Latos worked together until Latos was able to revamp the section and put it into place. “I’ve lived and breathed ‘The Clock’ for four years,” she said, “I dedicated my time to ‘The Clock’ through all my different positions.” 

Latos is graduating with a BA in English with a writing concentration and a minor in Media Studies. Everyone at ‘The Clock’ wishes her the best and can’t wait to see what she does!