Throwback Movie Review – Footloose

By: Taylor Nute, A&E Editor

Movies have been a staple in entertainment for millions around the world since they were created. During the pandemic, people have been re-watching movies to make quarantine just a little less boring. So, why not write about those movies? Once a month, I’ll watch an older movie and review it to see if those movies really stand the test of time.

This time, I decided to re-watch Footloose to see if it was as good as I remembered. Footloose is the story of a city boy that moves to a small town. This town has rules against dancing and rock music due to an accident that had happened a few years earlier, involving both of those things. He tries to get the city council to approve a senior prom, despite opposition from them and the local preacher. The movie stars Kevin Bacon as city boy Ren, John Lithgow as the strict preacher Reverend Shaw, and Lori Singer as his rebellious daughter Ariel.

However, does Footloose hold up? The plot itself is creative, and it sends a good message. The writers manage to create an interesting plot with a seemingly unimportant event in a small town. Bacon captures the sarcastic and hardworking nature of Ren well, and John Lithgow is able to truly show his character’s emotional arc with ease. Footloose manages to catch the joy and excitement of the teenage years while adding some unique conflict to it, however cheesy it may be.

If you haven’t watched Footloose in a while, I recommend going back to watch it. You’ll be swaying along to the music the whole time!