Throwback Movie – Rocky Horror Picture Show

By: Taylor Nute, A&E Editor

Spooky movies are an important part of October for many. Whether it’s a classic, like Halloween or Nightmare on Elm Street, or a newer movie like the IT series or The Conjuring, people love to be scared by film. For this month’s Throwback Movie Review, I’ll be reviewing the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I had never seen this movie before, so I went into it not quite sure what to expect. My roommate had recommended it to me, as it’s a throwback movie (released in 1975), and also one of her favorites. I decided to go with it and watch the movie to see what it was all about.

If you don’t know, Rocky Horror Picture Show tells the story of Brad Majors and Janet Weiss, a couple on their way home from a friend’s wedding. When their car breaks down, the two end up at a mansion to see if they could use the owner’s phone. Suddenly, they’re thrust into the crazy world of Dr. Frank N. Furter, a scientist who owns the mansion. 

The only way to really describe the movie after watching it is chaotic. It feels like there’s something new and different happening every moment. There’s plenty of songs sung throughout the movie, and characters are as crazy as one can expect. The chaos throughout the movie makes sense, though. Normally, a movie with this much chaos isn’t very well liked. It either looks bad or just doesn’t make sense, but in this case, with Rocky Horror Picture Show, all the chaos makes sense. It fits the characters, and serves the plot well.

I would definitely recommend watching Rocky Horror Picture Show during this spooky season, or during any other time. It’s definitely one that can be watched over and over again, and you’ll be singing the songs for days after watching it!

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