Voting Is Easy

By: Liam Malik Pelosky, Features Editor

With just 14 days to go until what is by and large the most important election of our generation there is one message that I sincerely hope everyone gets. Its not from any campaign nor party, not from any special interests nor foreign nationals. It is from all your fellow Plymouth State University students, including myself, who just want you all to know that voting, it is so easy.

Yes, you heard me. Voting is easy! Not because those who care to make a difference havesat back and done nothing! Rather you can vote easily because they; Our Town Clerks, Universities, & Elected Officials, have stood up and done something! The Plymouth Town Clerkhas extended office hours on Friday from 1-4. All so students & other members of the community can register to vote & cast an absentee ballot! Plymouth State University has worked in tandem with the Town Clerk and our elected officials to bring voting to campus! All to make the voting easier on us!

To those not even giving voting a fighting chance Graham Smith, an Environmental planning major here at PSU, says that you cannot denounce the process [of voting] without ever even having participated”. And when talking to fellow PSU Student John Roth, a Marketing Major, he had this to say about voting. “Voting is easy, but people don’t think their vote counts”,when asked what he had say to those who say such “absurd” things. He responded with “Well people think a lot of things, but people wouldn’t be trying to suppress your vote if it didn’t [matter]”. John also talked about how just one person stepping up and making a plan to vote can encourage and inspire others to do the same, setting a great example for us all!

It is also important to remember this opportunity, the opportunity to vote, is one that is afforded to precious few. Even fewer still have the right to vote and know that their vote does matter and does make a difference. Even if you don’t believe your vote makes a difference nationally you better believe it does locally. Where your tax dollars go, where our tax dollars go, that is decided by local, elected officials, who are elected by the people who go and vote end of story. But don’t just take it from me, take it from Tyishia Guadalupe, a Social Work major here at PSU “This is America and you have a chance to actually change the course of your country, it’s laws, & it’s future, so to just say you are just not interested, that’s not an acceptable answer”.

Our voices are too important to be silenced this election and we must be smart enough to know better than to silence ourselves by not voting at all. So please, whether you vote absentee, early or on Nov. 3rd please vote, and please remember! Voting is easy!!!