WALL-E Review

We’ve entered November, and with the cold weather comes perfect movie watching time. One Saturday night, I decided to make myself feel nostalgic by watching and reviewing a movie I have loved since childhood: WALL-E! The movie was released in 2008, and stars Ben Burtt, Fred Willard, and Sigourney Weaver.

The movie was just as enjoyable now as I remember it being all those years ago when I first watched it. Despite there being little dialogue, and robots as the two main characters, it really made me feel all the emotions while watching it. If you don’t remember what the movie is about, it’s pretty simple. WALL-E is a trash compacting robot (supposedly the last living one) who goes around a waste filled, lifeless city and, well, compacts trash. He eventually comes across an unfamiliar item – a small tree sapling. He keeps it safe, and eventually a robot named EVE comes down, gets the sapling, and brings it back to the Axiom (the enormous spaceship that the humans live on). WALL-E also gets brought up to the Axiom in an attempt to stay with EVE, who he likes. Adventure ensues while the two robots attempt to keep the plant safe and bring humans back to earth.

As I mentioned before, the movie really goes through a range of emotion during its runtime. It’s one of the Pixar movies that makes you feel emotion the most (well, besides UP, which has the saddest first 10 minutes in any animated movie EVER), and by the end you’re cheering for WALL-E and EVE to save humankind. The movie also puts out a very real message that applies to most of us, I think; the earth is something that need to be saved, and technology could bring us to a future of barely any movement. What’s interesting is that that message is even more present today; the creators of WALL-E managed to come up with an idea for a kid’s movie that would last the years, both for kids enjoyment and the message it sent about the earth.

Overall, WALL-E is a movie that everyone can enjoy, regardless of age. It tells a cute story, but also sends a very important message about the environment. WALL-E is definitely a movie I’ll be re-watching for years to come!