YouTube Creator Spotlight: Clancy Burke

By: Taylor Nute, A&E Editor

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the modern workplace for millions around the country, and around the world. Many folks have found themselves working harder than ever before, working from home, or losing their job altogether. One job that has become totally different is that of a TV news reporter. On top of the normal day to day changes and last-minute updates that come with the job, those who are reporters now have the ever-changing pandemic to worry about. That’s why this week’s YouTube Creator Spotlight is TV news reporter and YouTuber Clancy Burke.

Burke is a TV news reporter in Ohio and has made videos documenting day to day life in the news industry. She’s talked about many aspects of reporting, such as how quick things can change, when things go wrong, and what it’s like to work weird hours (she works the morning shift, meaning she has to get into work at 3 am!). Of course, the pandemic has totally changed how things work, not only for her as a reporter, but the entire TV news industry. The election, of course only adds more chaos to an already chaotic time to be a reporter.

One of the best aspects of Burke’s channel is that it’s not only the really good stuff that’s shared. Clancy talks about how reporting on tragic events can have an effect on her mentally and emotionally. She also discusses how hard it can be not knowing if her schedule during the day can change, since any new breaking story can come out of nowhere. Overall, Burke’s channel shows both sides of TV news reporting, and can give viewers an interesting looking into the average life of a middle class American.

Make sure to check out Clancy Burke’s channel on YouTube. Although she hasn’t released a video on working though the election yet, keep an eye out; it’ll be very interesting to see the experience of a TV news reporter though such a historic election! Don’t forget, if you have an idea for a YouTuber to feature, email me at