YouTube Creator Spotlight: Kara and Nate

By: Taylor Nute, A&E Editor

It’s time for yet another YouTube Creator Spotlight here at the Clock. Once a month, one YouTube channel gets featured in an article. If you ever want to write a YouTube Creator Spotlight article, contact me at

If you’re like me, you’ve been missing the ability to travel ever since quarantine began. To make up for that, I’ve been watching a lot of travel vlogs to see amazing places without leaving my house or dorm. That’s why this month, the featured YouTube channel is Kara and Nate.

Kara and Nate are a couple from Tennessee who have been travelling full time and making travel vlogs for over four years now. They originally started travelling and vlogging with the goal of visiting 100 countries, which they achieved in December of 2019. And since the pandemic, they’ve made their way back to the U.S. and bought a Sprinter van that had been converted to a mobile home.

The main thing that drew me to their channel is the uniqueness of their vacations. Kara and Nate don’t just stay in a hotel each place they go, and they don’t just stay in a city. They’ve stayed in remote cabins, treehouses, and on floating houses. They’ve taken cruises to Antarctica, stayed near active volcanos, and visited religious towns. There’s such a variety of travel on their vlog, and it’s super cool to see how many different places there are to explore in so many countries.

When the pandemic began, the couple came back to the U.S., bought a Sprinter van that was converted into a mobile home, and began trekking across the country. This brought a whole new feel to their channel; they were finally exploring their own “backyard,” which was something they had never done before. They travelled across the country, and Nate challenged himself to a 500-mile bike ride on the famous Colorado Trail. 

If you want to satisfy your travel craving, look no further than Kara and Nate on YouTube. You’ll find some of the best travel vlogs out there, and perhaps get some ideas for your own travel adventures in the future!