YouTuber Creator Spotlight: Molly Burke

By: Taylor Nute, Arts & Entertainment Editor

When most people think of arts or entertainment, movies and music are the first things that pop into their mind. That, of course, makes a lot of sense; those two forms of media are a prominent part of people’s lives, and both have created many pop culture items we know and love today. Although still talked about, one form of media that takes the back seat to movies and music is YouTube. Along with being a platform for music videos and movie trailers, YouTube allows millions of content creators to showcase their work and their creativity. That’s why I’ve decided to start a YouTube Creator Spotlight here at The Clock. Once a month, a content creator will be featured in an article.

For the first YouTube Creator Spotlight, I’ve decided to feature Molly Burke. Burke started making YouTube videos back in 2014, and since then has made countless videos about fashion, life, and fun challenges. Burke is also legally blind. She makes videos about her life, and all the challenges she faces day to day. Although she had made a name for herself early on in her YouTube career, she reallyrose to fame in 2018, when she collaborated with popular YouTuber Shane Dawson.

What makes Molly Burke special as a person and a YouTuber is her ability to live her life and create content that is separate from her blindness. Many of her videos are about fashion and makeup. She also has made videos about many challenges like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Still, Burke doesn’t completely stray away from her diagnosis. Lots of Burke’s videos are about breaking blind stereotypes, answering questions about blindness, and creating a platform to learn about blindness.

All in all, Molly Burke creates a sort of fun safe space in her YouTube channel. Her channel is definitely one to check out if you want to find some fun videos or learn about her condition.