Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate Studies (UGS) is the office to contact for many academic concerns or needs, including:

    • Academic Bankruptcy — eligible students may request for a ‘one-time only’ credit bankruptcy; must submit completed Academic Bankruptcy form to UGS.
    • Advisor Changes — students may request to change their academic advisor through Undergraduate Studies or Undergraduate Advising; must have verbal acknowledgement from new advisor.
    • Credit-By-Examination — students may request institutional credit at PSU through Credit-By-Examination process; must submit completed Credit-By-Examination form to UGS.
      Other acceptable forms of credit-by-examination include: AP, IB, CLEP, and DSST. Students may arrange for on-campus CLEP or DSST testing through Center for Student Success (Mary Lyon 034).
    • Interdisciplinary Studies — create a unique PSU major through our Interdisciplinary Studies major program.
    • NEBHE Program — qualifying New England students who declare specific majors may receive a discounted tuition rate; program sponsored by New England Board of Higher Education.
    • NHCUC Program — students may participate in this exchange program between institutions within the state of New Hampshire (excluding Dartmouth College); program sponsored by New Hampshire College & University Council.
    • Student Absence — upon notification from a reliable source, Undergraduate Studies issues a notice of student absence to all professors and advisor; students are solely responsible for communicating with individual professors, submitting missed coursework, and providing proof of absence if requested.
    • Student Requests — students may request permission for a wide variety ‘exceptions‘; must submit completed Student Request form to UGS.
      • Undergraduates who want to take graduate courses — students who are seniors and have at least a 3.00 cum GPA may request to take up to six credits at the graduate level as an undergraduate but must receive permission from AVPAA (Dr. Zehr) before being allowed to enroll in any graduate course. (Note: students may request to receive both undergraduate and graduate credit for their graduate coursework.)
        IMPORTANT: requests to take grad course as an undergrad must be submitted on a Student Request form. Only after SR is approved may student register for grad course.
    • Transfer Credit Approvals — students may request approval for transferring credit to PSU for coursework earned at other eligible institutions; must submit completed Transfer Credit Approval form to UGS.
    • Travel Scholarship Info — specifically for undergraduate students, students can apply for the Barbara Willey Travel Scholarship which provides funds for travel while participating in credit-bearing, international, academic experiences.