2013 – 2014

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Adventure Education Minor
Anthropology/Sociology Minor

Applied Linguistics Minor

Art History Minor

Art Minor

Biology Minor

Business Administration Minor

Ceramics Minor

Chemistry Minor

Child Welfare and Family Studies Minor

Coaching Minor

Computing Minor

Creative Writing Minor

Dance Minor

Digital Media and Game Design Minor

Drawing Minor

Economics Minor

Exercise Biology Minor

Expository Writing Minor

Film Studies Minor

French Minor

Geography Minor

German Minor

Gerontology Minor

Geographic Information Systems Minor

Global Tourism Minor

Graphic Design Minor

Health and Mental Health Studies Minor

Health Minor

History Minor

Human Resource Management Minor

Information Technology Minor

Latin America Studies Minor

Literature Minor

Mathematics Education (K-8) Minor

Mathematics Education (7-12) Minor

Mathematics (General) Minor

Mathematics (Technical) Minor

Media Studies Minor

Medieval Studies Minor

Meteorology Minor

Music Minor

Neuroscience Minor

Northern New England Heritage Studies Minor

Pacific Rim Minor

Painting Minor

Peace and Social Justice Studies Minor

Philosophy Minor

Photography Minor

Physics Minor

Political Science Minor

Pre-Law Minor

Printmaking Minor

Professional Communication Minor

Professional Sales Minor

Psychology Minor

Religious Studies Minor

Sculpture Minor

Spanish Minor

Sport Physiology Minor

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Minor

Theatre Minor

Women’s Studies Minor