General Education Requirements: prior to Fall 2005

Skills: Credits:
EN 1200 Composition 3
(for students entering prior to Fall 2004)  
IS 101 Intro to the Academic Community 1
PE Physical Education 100 level activities (2 courses) 2
IS 1111 The First Year Seminar: Critical Thinking and the Nature of Inquiry 3
MA Mathematics Foundations: Mathematics course numbered MA 1500 or higher 3
WRIT Writing course in major field  
(for students entering Fall 2004 or Spring 2005 only)
ARTS Fine and Performing Arts 3
GLOB Global 3
HIST Historical 3
LITY Literary 3
PHIL Philosophical 3
QUAN Quantitative Reasoning 3
SCIE, SLAB Scientific and Scientific Laboratory 7
SPSY Social and Psychological (two different disciplines) 6
TECH Technological 3
Integrative Component:  
INTG an interdisciplinary course/seminar to be take junior/senior year 3
UPPR 3000/4000 level courses outside the discipline code of the major 9
  or a declared Academic Minor 15-32
Total 55 or 61-78

Note: All students are encouraged to take a foreign language to satisfy the Global Perspective. The Scientific Perspectives must be completed by either taking courses in two different disciplines and taking a SLAB with one of those courses, or by taking two consecutive semesters of lecture and one semester of lab in a year-long science course. The Social and Psychological Perspectives must be completed in two different disciplines. The Upper-division Requirement is completed outside the discipline of the major. The Integrative Component cannot be satisfied with transfer credit, it must be taken at Plymouth.

Time Limits. Students are strongly advised to concentrate on completing most of the General Education Skills and Perspectives during their first two years, where their program and sequence requirements permit. All students are required to complete Composition and the Mathematics Foundations requirement during their first year. All transfer students are required to fulfill these requirements by the end of their second semester of residence at Plymouth (or after attempting 24 semester hours at Plymouth). Students who fail to complete these requirements during their first year (or after attempting 24 credit hours) are required in each subsequent semester to register for the appropriate course or courses leading to the completion of this requirement and are ineligible to register for 3000 and 4000 level courses. In addition, all first year students, including students transferring in less than 24 credits, are required to complete The First Year Seminar: Critical Thinking and the Nature of Inquiry their first semester at Plymouth.

Major Requirements. Individual departments generally specify course prerequisites and may specify which courses satisfy the General Education requirements for their majors. Students should check these carefully when choosing courses.

“Double Counting.” Courses taken to fulfill requirements of a major count toward fulfillment of the General Education requirements if they are so identified. In other words, courses may be “double counted.” However, a course that is used to satisfy a General Education Perspective may not be used to satisfy the General Education Upper-division Requirement. An I-course taken to fulfill the Integrative requirement cannot be double counted to fulfill the Upper-division Requirement.