Courses which fulfill this Perspective should introduce students to languages or cultures different from their own; give students a sense of the interdependence of human beings and their natural environment, bring students to an understanding of each person’s place, interrelationships and obligations within the world community; teach students how to participate effectively and responsibly in the world community. One year of one foreign language (FR 1010-1020, FR 1020-2010, FR 2010-2020, FR 2050-2060, GR 1010-1020, GR 1020-2010, GR 2010-2020, LA 1030-1040, LA 2030-2040, SP 1010-1020, SP 1020-2010, SP 1110-1120, SP 2010-2020, SP 2050-2060) or a departmental proficiency test and one semester at the Intermediate II level (FR 2020, GR 2020, SP 2020) satisfies the Global Perspective. Students may also satisfy the Global Perspective with one semester of Advanced French (FR 3030) or Advanced Spanish (SP 3030). Students who successfully complete tests like the Advanced Placement exam and CLEP, which assess only skills in foreign language, should receive foreign language proficiency credit, but not credit for having completed the Global Perspective. (GLOB)