Writing Course

A Writing course is any subject-matter, content-based course in the major discipline that incorporates significant levels of writing by students. It is a course in which students use such skills and tools to come to an understanding of the subject matter. Only those Plymouth courses designated as “WRIT” may satisfy this requirement

Although a transfer course may be equivalent in subject matter to one taken at Plymouth, it may not be equivalent in its writing component to a “WRIT” course taken at Plymouth. Therefore, the awarding of”WRIT” equivalency to a transferred course satisfying a major requirement is not automatic. If students want a transferred course to satisfy the “WRIT” component, students should petition the Chair of the major department and document that the transferred course did have a significant writing component. Such documentation should include a description of the course, a course syllabus and samples of writing done for the course. In cases where students do not petition or the Chair denies the request, students should fulfill the “WRIT” component using the following sequence of options:

  1. Students should take another “WRIT” course in the major.
  2. If this is not possible, students should take a “WRIT” course in a related discipline.
  3. If this is not possible, students may elect to take a second Integrative course.

Regardless of the option, students must indicate the option selected by filing a Student Request form at the Undergraduate Studies Office.