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Assessing Children's Growth and Development (CRN: 10182)

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  • 3
  • Off Campus Site
  • OPEN (8 seats)
  • 7 / 15
  • Thu SEP 12 - OCT 24, 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm Concord - 2 Pillsbury Street
  • Thu NOV 7 - NOV 21, 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm Concord - 2 Pillsbury Street
  • Provides the pre-service elementary education classroom teacher with knowledge of theories of children's growth and development for the purpose of building capacity for developmentally appropriate decision-making ('habit of mind') throughout the career. Examines the characteristics and needs of children, and the multiple interacting influences and the interrelated domains of development - physical, cognitive, social, emotional, linguistic, and aesthetic. Reviews child development knowledge base, research, and theoretical perspectives. Introduces a multitude of means for assessing children's growth and development in schools, including, but not limited to: observation and record keeping, informal and formal classroom assessments, district-wide standardized test data, interviews with families and/or caregivers, children's self-assessment, and testing done to determine the presence or absence---and nature of---an "educationally handicapping condition", as defined by federal special education law. Requires ten (10) field hours of observation, teaching, or interview.

Curriculum Design for Social Studies, Health and Science (CRN: 10183)

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  • 3
  • Blended
  • OPEN (10 seats)
  • 5 / 15
  • Mon SEP 9 - OCT 7, 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm Boyd Hall 005
  • Mon OCT 21 - NOV 25, 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm Boyd Hall 005
  • Prepares pre-service elementary education professionals to design curricular units of study in the content areas. Familiarizes candidates with state and national standards for children's learning in the social studies, sciences, and health education, and the integration of the Common Core Standards into content-area instruction. Introduces a curriculum design model that utilizes the alignment of learning goals and assessments as the anchor for instructional practices. Students are required to design a content-rich unit of study for an elementary classroom. Requires ten (10) field hours of observation, teaching, or interview. Prerequisite: ED 5270.

Student Teaching in Elementary Education (CRN: 10184)

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  • 6
  • Online
  • OPEN (9 seats)
  • 6 / 15
  • SEP 1 - NOV 30, Online Course
  • This culminating field-based teaching experience for elementary certification candidates affords the candidate with an opportunity to apply theory to practice, and to build upon the dispositions, understandings, knowledge and skills developed thus far in the program. The successful candidate does not leave the experience knowing fully "how to teach", but instead has a strong and balanced practice, and knows how to learn to teach---an important distinction given the dynamic nature of the field, and of our times. The successful candidate will demonstrate competence in all state and national initial teacher certification standards for elementary education professionals and document these competencies in a professional portfolio. Candidates will work with a University supervisor and field-based mentor teacher to determine a schedule for the experience that includes observation, co-teaching, and solo teaching. Four (4) observations will be conducted by the University supervisor. The mentor teacher provides daily feedback. Both will complete formal midterm and final evaluations of candidate's teaching. Participation in an online seminar is required of all student teachers. There are three (3) options for scheduling 300 hours of student teaching experience: 1. Full academic-year relationship (minimum two (2) hours per month) with a mentor teacher and a focused 300 hour (12 weeks) full-time public school placement approved by the Office of Teacher Certification. 2. Full academic-year relationship with a mentor teacher (minimum two (2) hours per month) and a part-time (minimum 2 days per week) public school placement totaling 300 hours approved by the Office of Teacher Certification. 3. Full academic-year relationship with a mentor teacher and 300 hours integrated into the work responsibilities of an employed elementary education paraprofessional or professional, per approval of the employing school district and the Office of Teacher Certification. Candidates must submit passing Praxis II Scores to the University prior to registration. Prerequisite: All program requirements with the exception of EL 5300.

    This course is designed for ELEMENTARY Education students ONLY. PRIOR TO REGISTERING, students must meet with Kathy Vestal ( for Seminar One, in the Office of Teacher Certification, and contact Susan Shapiro (, Coordinator of the Elementary Education program, to discuss course requirements. A Placement Confirmation Form must be submitted to: prior to the student teaching term.

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