Mahara is a free, open source, web based ePortfolio software. Mahara allows users to create highly customizable Portfolio pages, which are dedicated to showcasing a particular skill, objective, or standard. Please use the resources below to learn more about this program.


Mahara Inspiration

Mahara Help Tutorials

Getting Started

  • Mahara Basics 101 A .pdf file with step by step instructions to sign in, upload files, make a page and share a secret URL.


  • Creating a Secret URL Share your Page or Collection with anyone via Secret URL - Recommended for most situations
  • Sharing your Pages Share your Profile, Pages and Collections only to those within the PSU community.
  • Organizing Secret URL's Wondering what to do with all the secret url's in your email inbox - find one option here.


  • Profile versus Page What's the difference between a Profile Page and Portfolio Page and why does it matter?
  • Group Homepage As a Group Administrator, how do I share documents & information on my Group Homepage?
  • Create a Collection - How do I put multiple pages into a Collection?
  • Flip Video to Mahara How do I take video from a Flip camera and display it in Mahara?
  • Adding a Prezi How do I embed a Prezi and display it in my Mahara Page?
  • Adding a Blog How do I embed a Blog post and display it in my Mahara Page?

More Topics

For all other topics please see the excellent Mahara Documentation website.

External Mahara help resources

Mahara User Guide

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