Google Drive is the successor to Google Docs. It extends the capabilities of Google Docs to include the ability to sync files between your computer and Google's "cloud" ( and continues to provide an easy way to share files and collaborate on editing files.

Google Drive is the preferred method of off-site file storage and file sharing for Plymouth State University and it functions somewhat like Dropbox – by placing some or all of your files in this system, you can access them from anywhere and share them with anyone.

One note of caution however; we urge faculty and staff, to assess the impact of Federal privacy regulations (e.g., FERPA and HIPAA), Federal law, contractual obligations, and grant restrictions on their work before moving sensitive or proprietary University-related files and data into the PSU Google Drive environment.

To learn more about Google Drive:
  • Beginning in August 2012, Google began moving all Google Docs users to Google Drive--both at and within Google Apps at PSU. Most PSU Google Docs users who have switched report few if any problems.
  • If you choose not to download the Google Drive desktop software, you can continue to use Google Drive in Google Apps at PSU by clicking on the Google Docs link on the Services Tab in myPlymouth. Using this method you may continue to create and share documents in Google Apps at PSU; however, without the desktop software, you will not be able to sync files between your computer and Google Drive.
  • If you do choose to download the Google Drive desktop software, Google Drive can provide a free file backup solution.

For more information about Google Drive's capabilities and features and for detailed help using Google Drive, go to's Google Drive Support Web site.

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