Athletic Training Club

The purpose of this organization is to advance the profession of athletic training through education, research, collaboration, and professional development opportunities. Section 1: To build a sense of community and fellowship among the athletic training students at Plymouth State. Section 2: To promote athletic training throughout the University and community at large. Section 3: To provide professional development opportunities which enable members to gain a broader understanding of the profession outside the bounds of the University. Section 4: To encourage continuing education outside the classroom. Section 5: To provide service to the University and community. Section 6: To promote professional behavior that complies with the Code of Ethics as set forth by the National Athletic Trainers Association.

Meeting Details

7:15pm or TBA 2014 - Club meets the second Wednesday of each month, Officer/Committee meetings will be held throughout the first week of every month (dates and times TBA monthly) in D&M: 401.

Contact Information