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Name: Joyce M Bruce
Title: Library Specialist
Office Location: Lamson Library Rm 220C
Office Phone: (603) 535-2576
Mail Stop: MSC 47
Department: Library & Academic Support Services

Name: Karen D Joyce
Title: Senior Academic/Student Services Assistant
Office Location: Speare Admin Building
Office Phone: (603) 535-3234
Mail Stop: MSC 18
Department: Financial Aid

Name: Patrick A Joyce
Major: Higher Education

Name: Bruce A Brooks
Major: School Counseling

Name: Bruce E Addison
Title: Head Softball Coach
Office Location: PE Center Rm 101
Office Phone: (603) 535-3016
Mail Stop: MSC 32
Department: Athletics

Name: Bruce W Wiggett
Title: Teaching Lecturer
Office Location: Hyde Hall Rm 203
Office Phone: (603) 535-2634
Mail Stop: MSC 27
Department: College of Business Administration

Name: Joyce M Nadeau
Major: Eating Disorders Institute

Name: Joyce C Larson
Title: Director of Enterprise Information Management
Department: Information Technology Services

Name: Kevin A Joyce
Title: Groundsworker
Office Location: Facilities Services
Office Phone: (603) 535-2254
Mail Stop: MSC 33
Department: Grounds

Name: Bruce W Wiggett Jr.
Title: Student Conduct Advisor
Office Location: Frost House
Office Phone: (603) 535-2206
Mail Stop: MSC 65
Department: Student Affairs

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