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Results for 'davidson||michael'

Name: Michael G Davidson
Title: Assistant Professor, Web Services Librarian
Office Location: Lamson Library Rm 107
Office Phone: (603) 937-8128
Mail Stop: MSC 47
Department: Lamson Learning Commons

Name: Michael J Davidson
Title: Teaching Lecturer
Office Location: Hyde Hall
Mail Stop: MSC 29
Cluster: Exploration & Discovery

Name: Hannah L Davidson
Title: Program Support Assistant
Office Location: Speare Admin Building Rm 210B
Office Phone: (603) 535-3300
Mail Stop: MSC 09
Department: Campus Accessibility Services
Major: Learning Leadership &Community

Name: Michael J Wilus
Title: Assistant Director, Transfer Admissions
Office Location: Russell House
Office Phone: (603) 535-2190
Mail Stop: MSC 52
Department: University Admissions
Major: Non-degree Student

Name: Michael J Martin
Title: Teaching Lecturer
Office Location: Highland Hall
Office Phone: (603) 535-2224
Mail Stop: MSC 55
Department: Holmes Center for School Partnerships and Educator Preparation

Name: Michael S Brian
Title: Assistant Professor
Office Location: Human Performance Center
Office Phone: (603) 535-3108
Mail Stop: MSC 22
Cluster: Health & Human Enrichment

Name: Michael J Woodman
Title: Dining Services Employee
Department: Dining Services

Name: Michael L Bouchard
Title: Affiliate Faculty
Department: Center for Research & Innovation

Name: Michael P Capsalis
Title: Teaching Lecturer
Office Location: Rounds Hall Rm 114
Office Phone: (603) 535-2335
Mail Stop: MSC 39
Department: Social Science

Name: Michael J Mattes
Title: Teaching Lecturer
Office Location: Hyde Hall Rm 334C
Office Phone: (603) 361-6921
Mail Stop: MSC 27
Cluster: Innovation & Entrepreneurship

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