Environmental Science Colloquium Series Talk

April 4th, 2011 by Douglas Earick

Brook Trout Research in New Hampshire – John Magee, NH Fish & Game
April 6, 2011
Boyd Hall 001
4:00 – 5:00PM

NH Brook TroutThe brook trout is a priority fish species in New Hampshire for several reasons.  Brook trout are native species, highly prized by anglers, indicative of excellent water quality, and quite beautiful.  There is mounting evidence that this species is declining throughout its range in the eastern United States.  To address this decline, there are several efforts underway to protect and restore the species and its habitat.  To do this effectively, we need to know more.  Although much is known about the ecology of brook trout, still many of the details are vague, and it seems that each population differs from the next in unexpected ways.  The presentation will look at some of the recent results of habitat use research on this fascinating species.

John Magee has a Master’s in Zoology from University of Maine, Orono.After graduation, he worked for the National Marine Fisheries Service on Atlantic salmon in Maine, a consulting firm in New Hampshire, and has been the Fish Habitat Biologist at New Hampshire Fish and Game since 2004.