About WMI

The White Mountains Institute connects the Plymouth State University campus with the spectacular living laboratory at our doorstep, building upon our strengths in environmental studies and sustainability, eco-tourism, historic preservation, the arts, adventure education, and rural development.

Programs for all ages link the past, present, and future through hands-on learning experiences in the White Mountains.  From birds to covered bridges, water to writing, historical sites to hiking, White Mountains Institute programs celebrate the diversity that makes PSU such a special place.

Step into your White Mountains classroom and explore the nature, culture, and history of the place we call home.

One amazing region, three unique learning opportunities–for all ages…

Weather in the WhitesThe White Mountains Institute provides hands-on learning experiences for all ages via three unique learning opportunities which showcase the White Mountains region.

  • Camp PSU offers one-day programs designed for multi-age learners to share a college experience for a day, using both the PSU campus and the larger White Mountains region.
  • The Summer Heritage Programs encourages individuals, families, community leaders, and organizations to investigate the dynamic environment of the White Mountains through various programs on the region’s rich history, unique traditions, variegated scenic landscape, and cultural resources.
  • The White Mountains Directions adds a White Mountains flavor to core undergraduate courses held over the summer and during Winterim, allowing students to complete general education requirements while applying their coursework in the outdoor classroom of the White Mountains.