Image by Jacob Downey

Ask Cass: Valentines Day Edition!

Cassidy Kenney




How do I get my neighbors to stop having sex so loudly?

Such a cliche in college is to hear your neighbors having sex, especially in a dorm room. My freshman year neighbors above me went at it every day, any time of day. Usually, I just played my tv or some music super loud because I didn’t have the energy to bother with it.

Other times if I had to get homework done or I wanted to go to bed I would take the end of a broom and hit the ceiling to hopefully give them the hint to wrap it up. Remember though if you can hear them, they can for sure hear you. I wouldn’t say anything too offensive. When it comes to that type of environment at school, it’s going to be annoying to deal with no matter what you do.

Just know there are ways you can channel your frustrations, and regardless it’s not going to last that long anyway.  

How do I feel less homesick while being here?

As a junior in college, the feeling does still linger. We’re growing up, and it’s hard to move away from home into a whole new environment with new people.

What helped me a lot was having a group of friends by my side to be there for me and keep me busy. I find that calling my mom everyday helps a lot, so I stay in the loop of what’s going on at home. Strong communication with hometown friends or family members is key to lessen the feeling. There are also a ton of breaks, so you are never far away from home for too long. Remember that it is okay to grow up and branch out. Those who love you understand this and will support you no matter what you are doing.

Missing out on those key moments, especially if you have a younger sibling, can be devastating but remembering that you have these goals and supporters that want you to succeed will help in the long run.

Listen to “You’re gonna go far” by Noah Kahan to help you get through it.

How do I get over my ex?

There really is no exact way to get over an ex. Relationships are hard, and the breakups are sometimes even harder.

If you go to school with your now-less-than-significant other it definitely makes things extra challenging. The best thing to do is cut communication with them. It doesn’t mean you’re doing it to be petty or spiteful, it means that things didn’t work out and you’re trying to get over them.

Whoever said you can be friends right after your breakup has never been in a real relationship.

I’m not saying you can never be friends again, but definitely give it a lot of time. The first week is always the hardest. This is the period in time where you reminisce and question if you’ve made the right decision. It’s going to be hard not talking to them everyday or seeing what they’re doing, but it is all part of the process. When you’re constantly seeing them either out at a party or with someone else, it is only going to make the grieving process longer and more painful.

Do not sleep with them either. It complicates things way more than they need to be and only makes the getting over them process so much harder. Even if you feel like the world is ending, trust me, it’s not.

Love takes time and if it ended it wasn’t meant to be. Go out with your friends and let them take control, they always want what’s best for you. 

Recently dumped, no friends, and don’t ski. How to spend my depressing Wednesday?

Missing out on ski day won’t be the worst thing in the world. It’s always overly crowded and super overwhelming even for those who do know how to ski like myself. Don’t feel bad for missing out on something especially with what you’re going through. Breakups are extremely hard and with people not by your side it can be even harder.

You should take the day for yourself. Maybe go home Tuesday night if you can and spend the day with close friends and family from your hometown. If that is too much then find something that you enjoy and will distract you. Watch your favorite movie or go on a drive if you can. Take the day to be sad, people always cope in different ways.

Now my advice for making friends. Get yourself out there. Talk to people in classes, join a club, or if you’re in a dorm socialize with those in your building.

What I’ve learned from Plym is people are pretty chill if you’re nice to them. I’m not saying go around and spark conversations with every person you see but find anyone with the same interests as you and go from there. It’s likely they probably have a group of friends that they would want to introduce you to. Just be yourself and don’t stress too much.