photo of the interior of "La Familia"

Photo by Sarah Munroe

“La Familia” is relatively good but nothing special

Sarah Munroe 


Staff writer 


As soon as I moved back into school for the Fall, I noticed a new Mexican restaurant located on Tenney Mountain Highway. This was very exciting to see since my favorite food is Mexican! I went with two of my friends to review this new restaurant and got feedback from them as well.  

Photo by Sarah Munroe

The service was very good. They were very quick to greet us and without even asking they had already brought us chips and salsa. I ordered myself a Margarita and some guacamole for the table. You can always tell if a Mexican restaurant is good by their salsa and guac. I tried the latter first. It was pretty good. A little on the spicy side, but I enjoyed it. One of my friends tried the guacamole and said it was “mid”, but my other friend and I enjoyed it. 

My favorite part about this whole experience was definitely ordering and drinking the margarita. They had a wide variety of different flavored Margaritas/mixed drinks that you could choose from. I ordered the blackberry margarita and it was quite delicious. It wasn’t too strong and was very sweet. Some people may not like this but I prefer sweeter drinks. I would highly suggest this restaurant if you’re looking to grab a few drinks. 

Photo by Sarah Munroe

I decided to order their Enchiladas with Queso. When our food arrived, I couldn’t help but be disappointed with how my dish was presented. I typically love to order beans when ordering Mexican food, but the beans served at this restaurant were very soupy. I swear, I only found like 5 beans in total in the whole side dish that it came in. The chicken on top of the enchiladas was also not very good. I think it may have been the way the chicken was cooked or maybe it needed more seasoning, but something was not right. The cheese inside of the enchiladas was good, so that’s most of what I ate from my meal. 

I didn’t end up finishing my meal, but I took it home in a box anyway. Maybe this dish just wasn’t a good option to get here, but I would not recommend ordering the enchiladas from this restaurant. 

In comparison to the food places all around our area (which are very limited), I would say this place isn’t a bad place to eat. However, if you’re ballin’ on a budget, then I would not recommend eating here. The entrees were all mainly over $10, which is standard, but I don’t agree that the prices were fair compared to the quality of the food I ordered. I would argue the drink prices are more fair than the food prices since the quality of their drinks is very good.