Photo by Luke Young

Photo by Luke Young

Panther Premier: Satisfactory or sad?

Luke Young

Managing Editor 



Panther Premier is a streaming service included with admission to Plymouth State University. The service boasts new movies every month and contains 570 movies at the time of writing. The creators of this website, Swank, describe the service as a “streaming platform that provides non-theatrical title-by-title showings of content to students, patients or other members of an organization. All of the movies are protected to ensure the security of our studio’s content while providing seamless audience access.”

Panther Premier seems to be a blessing for students on a budget, but do the movies and website bring joy, or is it a swing and a miss?

The website divides the movies into categories, such as new releases, horror, and college favorites. The movies are of good quality and are generally popular. “Scream VI,” “21 Jump Street,” and all three new Spider-Man movies are available to watch with no payment needed. You could also look for movies by using the rating filter, which has almost every rating represented. Different audio languages are offered, though the selections are smaller. The website is easy to navigate and is compatible with computers, phones, and iPads. The only real criticism I have about the site is that the only TV show on the website appears to be “Breaking Bad”, which is passable. The service is mainly for movies, and the show is generally popular with college kids. The movies in their categories are fitting, except the movie “Remember The Titans” is in the New Releases Category. All in all, the service seems to be worthwhile and easy to access. It can be located here, or found at the bottom of the PSU email entitled “Important Announcement: Upgrade to WiFi 6/6E and Changes to Cable Television in Residence Halls.”